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The term "Void" may refer to:

  1. The deepest region of the Starry Road aka Spiritual Plane; the domain of Urrem'tier. (Cleric lore)
  2. The Plane of Probability; home plane of voidspawns and other Shadow Creatures (Moon Mage lore)
  3. The Planar Void; boundaries between planes, defined as the absence of all existence. (Warrior Mage lore)

Literary References

From The Religions of Elanthia

Most ancient knowledge of the Immortals, primarily their names, aspects, and origins, comes from the Annals of the Timeless Ones. According to these chronicles, all things began with the Void. The Void was complete nothingness, yet an existence as well. Out of the Void came into being the One, who joined with the Void. They created children, the Planes, each separated by uncrossable boundaries. Because of this, the Void shed tears, and each tear created a new life form. The One filled these forms with his own essence. These beings became the Immortals (the god Urrem'tier contained less of the One and more of the Void than any other god, and so Urrem'tier is vastly different than the other twelve Immortals). The One had given up too much of himself, and could no longer survive, and the Void was now filled with gods and Planes, and her own existence ended.

From The Immortals

Urrem'tier... the last of the Immortals to be infused with a part of the One Creator, and therefore endowed with the smallest portion of Substance and the largest proportion of the Void within... Although he has positive and negative aspects about the best you can say of his positive one is that it will be more polite than the negative one to you, while attempting just the same to drag your spirit to the very depths of the cruel, senseless terrible void he presides over, constantly seeking to fill with the souls of the dead.

From an Elothean lullaby, in A Promise to a Star

First verse and chorus

When the world was nothing but earth and air
Devoid of life's soft breath and sigh
The gods created seven beings fair
"To fill the Void and walk the green land dry.

Bright One!
Your life has come
Hear now, hark!
You were born
from gods' divine spark.

From Origins of the Realms

At first was the Void, neither light nor dark, neither full nor empty. Such nothingness as is too dreadful to imagine. Into this Void, came the One who took the Void to wife. From the Void he caused to be conceived offspring, as the she-serpent carried in its body siblings, but all separate and alone behind hard shells, only to bring forth living things that are forever separated and unjoinable. So the One and the Void produced the Planes, separate realms of world and being divided by irrevocable boundaries of time, space and essential forces.

When she realized that her children were destined by the Father to be ever separate, ever alone and ever full of woe, the Mother Void began to weep. Her tears flowed and flowed, and landing on the Planes, each tear produced a being of great power, born of pure Void. When he saw what his consort had created, the One became enraged, and into each of those eternal beings of pure Void, he imparted some of his own substance, until he had not enough to maintain his own being. With that, he was no more, and the Void, now containing within it a myriad of Planes and Immortals, ceased to exist.

And it is so that the Planes were under the Dominion of the Immortals, and the Immortals ever fated to strife and conflict and overweening desire.

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