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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Type: Emperor

Moved Imperial Capital from Throne City to Elamiri. Elf.


493 BL --Hermothius is killled during a nighttime raid while inspecting his army in the west
--Reign of Theksaal II, a Dwarf, begins
492 BL The second siege of HighHold is stopped; the western armies remain in place
486 BL Reign of Arcadius, an Elf, begins
485 BL The Imperial Capital is changed from Throne City to Elamiri causing outrage among the other races
484 BL Rioting begins in Throne City and Darkstone
482 BL Several would-be assassins of the Emperor are executed
480 BL Sithsia enters Lord Ellington's service
479 BL --Reign of Colvastus, an Elothean, begins
--The immediate return of Throne City as capital is ordered

Artwork & Items

A large oil painting depicting a stern-looking Elf sitting in a red velvet chair

Depiction in a painting for homes

  • The Elf's eyes are narrowed and his lips betray no humor or emotion, though the subject does manage to exude the air of aristocracy. A small copper plaque on the walnut frame says simply, "Emperor Arcadius -- Est. 485 BL."

A heptagonal platinum medallion bearing the visage of Emperor Arcadius

  • The medallion depicts a lofty Elven man crowned with engraved stars, radiating a sense of power that once ruled seven races.

A silversteel statuette of the Elven Emperor Arcadius

Statue for home or personal use

  • Crafted from polished silversteel, tiny crystalline dragon tears set in the eyes sparkle with a lifelike radiance, adding a touch of softness to the otherwise stern visage.