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City where Jares Braun was born and predicted a plague. Mentioned in the Profiles in Magic book about Jares.


637 BL The city of Elirach is hit by a plague

From "Remembering the Barding Voice, Vol 1"

In this manner Bards preserve the history in the minds of the people around them, while making a celebration of it rather than an arduous class. Story circles can be found to be held at almost any time of the year, depending upon which lands you travel. Why, this year alone I traveled from a Therengian Shosando story circle to a Lormandu circle in Elirach. How very lucky I felt to make it to both in the same year! Wine flowed like rivers to our parched throats and, thanks to the efforts myself and my fellows, stories flowed as thickly until dawn broke over the hills.