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Province: Zoluren
Currency: Kronar
Population: Approximately 3,000
Established: 500 BL
Alternate Names: Lairocott Brach
Dominant Race: Dwarf
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None

Overview Description: The Dwarven settlement known as Stone Clan has carved a sturdy mark upon the land. The dwarves deal not only in stone but in spirit and will rarely hesitate to correct you on points of history and lore that do not meet their well known accountings of it. Care should be taken to remain on the paths when travelling, as there are many dangers lurking within the shadows of nearby environs.

Government, History, and Background

Government Type

Prominent People


Stone Clan can in many ways be considered the small successor to the Kingdom of Rendstaan. It was founded by Galen Hammerhand in 500 BL. He and the Dwarves who settled Stone Clan were soldiers who left Rendstaan amidst political infighting following the death of Gwaldhar around 968 BL. The land was granted "on the terms traditionally granted to the Dwarven peoples" - in otherwords no taxation, but the Dwarves would send building upkeep fees to the Imperial coffers.

For a chronicle of Stone Clan's early days, see Lairocott Brach: The Stone Clan Home (book).

Locations About Town


The Oeblicher is sacred to Kertigen.

Unique Shops and Services


Bars, Inns, and Taverns

Forkbeard's Brodger is the only location in Stone Clan to "wet your whistle". Some viands are available here also.

Prominent Hangouts

When a meeting of the Stone Clan members is called, the place to gather is in Forkbeard's Brodger. At one time, there was a different local that the gathering was held but over time Forkbeards has become the one gathering place for all.

Important Activities


It is not possible to get Favors in Stone Clan at this time.

Task Givers

No tasks are given at this time in Stone Clan.



Abandoned Mine

Sorrow's Reach

Wilderness North of Stone Clan


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