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Ibec Theren
Status: Historical Figure
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Cale

Close friend of Emperor Cale, with whom he had served in the War of Glory against the western barbarians. Was commissioned to "Secure the north, and expand the borders." Eventually became the first Governor of Therengia. Namesake of Ibec Hall in Therenborough.

Not to be confused with Ibec Alshaerd, the player character.


782 BL The Theren Expedition begins
781 BL Construction on Therenborough begins
776 BL Governor Ibec Theren expands the city of Riverhaven

In Ibec Hall in Theren

Ibec Theren, formed of finely-polished marble, stands as regally upon a pedestal as he'd sit upon a throne. One of the greatest lords of House Theren, it was Ibec that led a massive Imperial expeditionary force northward to push back the frontiers, and he who built the earliest incarnations of Therenborough. Ibec Theren partially leans upon a marble gem-encrusted greatsword.