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Sixth is House Redthorne, a Human family. One of the greatest naval families during the time of the Empire, the Redthornes earned a reputation of ruthlessness and a willingness to use force to back themselves up. The family eventually settled in Ratha and created a shipping company, which they ran with their rather massive fleet of ships. The Redthornes remain now in charge of this shipping company, owning the largest fleet of merchant vessels in the Five Provinces. There are fierce hostilities between House Redthorne and House Odalva, as well as between Redthorne and the Var'Quels.[1]

House Crest and Phrase


a galleon made of bones sailing over painted black waves

Phrase and Translation

Kor hhs'isth'hhtaw - Honor within the Ways. Translation.

Quick Facts

Human House.
Naval history.
Known for their ruthlessness.
Hold the largest fleet of merchant vessels in the Five Provinces.
Hold fierce hostilities between Oldalva and Var'Quels

Famouse Faces of the House

  • Kretsky is a member of the family.
  • Erren was (is?) the head of the family (ca. 2002).
  • Varne is Patriarch (suggesting that he leads the family) and a Representative of the Rathan High Council of Nine (ca. 2006).
  • Jance claims to be a member of the family, but they do not claim him. Likely a bastard son of Erren.
  • Tobias was an Emperor.
  • Chelia is Varne's daughter.

Known Timeline

409 BL Reign of Merthamone Vanaya, a SKra Mur, begins
408 BL The Bloodworm Comet appears in the stars of the Mongoose
404 BL The Vanaya family estate is destroyed
403 BL The Zaulfung Stones are erected
402 BL Reign of Tobias Redthorne, a Human, begins
401 BL Vast resources are directed into strengthening the Imperial fleet
398 BL The Imperial fleet is victorious in battle with one of the pirate clans
397 BL --The pirates suffer catatrophic defeat in the Battle of the Crimson Waves, but Tobias' flagship sinks
--Reign of Glinska, a Dwarf, begins


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