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This timeline, released by GM Atrathien at Simucon '98, is a fairly basic listing of significant events in Kermoria. There are a number of omissions (eg, the reigns of some Ferdahls) and it (naturally) does not mention any events subsequent to 1998.

Back through history in Elanthia in this Timeline . . .


354 Gwethdesuan Mine destroyed in Gorbesh War
354 Gorbesh Wars
353 Crossing and Riverhaven WM Guilds rebuilt by Archmage Saekhi
352 Halfling Bard Bocacchio honors memory of Aurilae at Fayrin's Rest

352 Mibgluc driven off
352 Crossings WM guild burned by Mibgluc
351 Sicle Grove destroyed by Fire mage Mibgluc
350 Contact with Shard and Ilithi re-established

349 to 300

330 Wolf Clan Founded
320 Suza Corwyn kidnapped
320 Knife Clan splits into two groups
320 Tiger Clan established from one half of Knife Clan
305 Ditsworth buys barges to Langenfirth
305 Floating Casinos established

299 to 250

290 Death of Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix
290 Reign of Kukalakai the Black-Eyes begins
281 Maracheck's Oak founded (Fayrin's Rest)
280 Langenfirth Ranger's guild established
252 Aurilae Cui'Gweld, Human bardess murdered by army of trolls at Fayrin's Rest
250 Shard cut off from the world

250 Morganae's daughter is murdered

249 to 200

240 Monk Langen arrives at firth, opens brewery. Source of name "Langenfirth"

200 Ex-ferryman begins first barge service to the firth

199 to 150

149 to 100

99 to 50

81 Aesthene's Close destroyed
79 Arthe Dale Founded
62 Aesthene returns to Crossings, begins magical research

49 to 0

42 Aesthene's Close is completed
42 Aesthene departs on another journey
40 Aesthene arrives in Crossings
22 Last DP faction "conquered," and merchant families form the new ruling council of Qi'Reshalia
20 Gondola to Shard established

18 Groups of wealthy merchants band together to end the DP fighting in Qi'Reshalia
0 Neithrel vanishes
0 Open warfare among DP factions in Qi'Reshalia

Modern Age

Begins with calendar marking year 0

Dragon Priest Empire

Calendar Before the Victory of Lanival (noted in negative years)

-1 to -49

-1 Dzree dies
-1 Dzree's death sends DP hierarchy into chaos
-1 Factions form to support their chosen leader of the DP Cult
-1 Neithrel makes an alliance with the northern Tog barbarians, leads them against the remnants of the DP's

-2 Alec appears, claiming to be Corik's son
-2 Sithsia's prophecy

-50 to -99

-100 to -149

-150 to -199

-152 Frost Wyrm "The Biter" appears in Stone Clan abandoned mine
-160 DP's begin confining non-S'Kra to prison islands

-163 DP's take control of most of known Elanthia
-172 Dragon Priests take control of Qi'Reshalia
-172 Ru'atin Peri'el flee to Aesry Surlaenis'a
-187 DP's conquer Theren Keep
-187 House Theren flees into wilderness to lick their wounds and fight again
-190 DP's couquer Riverhaven, take control of ferries
-193 DP's conquer Crossings
-193 Hounds of Rutilor die in defense of Crossing
-194 Bardic genocide starts

-194 Neithrel is captured
-194 First attack on Crossings (Kalag's Memoirs)
-194 Dragon Priest missionaries begin converting Qi'Reshalia S'Kra to dragon worship
-195 DP's begin the "Dark Hand"
-195 DP's begin sacrificing the 6 other races
-195 DP's begin experimenting on the Gor'Tog and S'Kra to "purify" them
-195 DP's begin advancing on the northern provences

-196 Corik flees
-196 Stone Clan gain sentinels
-197 Corik advances on the DP's
-197 DP's use Moon Gates to bypass Corik's army
-197 Shard burns
-197 Dragon Priests begin sending missionaries to Qi'Reshalia Islands
-203 DP's begin raids on mountain villages

5 Provinces Established

-204 to -235

-204 Arhat and Uthmor die
-205 Sh'kial is murdered
-205 Dzree takes over the DPs
-215 Dragon Priests appear in Wyvern Mountains
-230 Corik and Morganae complete the city of Shard
-233 Remains of Imperial army and wealthiest Qi'Reshalia Merchants revive the Council of Advisers
-234 Hounds of Rutilor established

-235 Shorka the Cobra joins with Lanival in his attempt to create peace
-235 Lanival parcels the lands
-235 Lanival goes to Glacis cave
-235 Crossings established
-235 Lanival "gives" Qi'Reshalia to the S'Kra race, they mostly ignore his grandstanding

War of Resistance

-236 to -249

-236 Battle at Dragon Spine Mts
-236 Teiro unleashes the Spell
-236 Lanival "Summons" the dragons
-236 Teiro is beheaded
-237 Lanival is captured

-237 Nissa dies
-237 Lirisa the Archer dies
-238 Corik allies with Morganae to begin construction of Shard
-238 Death of Ka'Len the Sea Drake in maritime battle
-239 Reign of Ferdahl Corik of the Black Cloud begins
-241 Battle at the Segoltha
-241 Uthmor becomes Captain
-245 Nissa defects to Lanival's side
-246 Uthmor is rescued

-247 Teiro begins to take over the crumbling empire
-247 Lanival rallies the "Heroes"
-248 Lanival's Vision
-248 Empire crumbles
-248 Qi'Reshalia stays out of the conflicts between Lanival and Teiro, though individual groubs help as they wish

Seven-Starred Empire

-250 to -499

-252 Teiro Strikes at the capital of the 7-Star Empire
-252 Empire begins to fall
-400 Farn's Company erects the Zaulfung Stones during the reign of Empress Merthamone
-449 Lord Ellington wars with neighboring merchant
-449 Sithsia goes mad when Ellington's son is killed in war
-449 Forest of the Night is created from Sithsia's madness
-480 Sithsia enters Lord Ellington's service

-500 to -599

-500 Stone Clan established
-580 Signing of the Lunar Accord

-580 Imperial Guild of Moon Mages established

-600 to -799

-700 Reign of Empress Demin I

-700 Tezirah executed for practice of sorcery
-700 Sorcery outlawed and all knowledge purged from magical guilds
-780 House Theren expands city of Riverhaven to encourage trade and strengthen links with main body of the Empire
-788 Theren Keep built in present day Therengia
-790 House Theren sent north to expand the Empire's boundaries

-800 to -899

-829 Gor'Tog race freed from slavery in Qi'Reshalia
-829 Garrisonre
-830 Qi'Reshalia conquered by Empire
-859 Ferdahl Thaerine brings Elotheans into 7-Star Empire

-900 to -999

-903 Reign of Ferdahl Thaerine Plaintale begins
-904 Moliko, now called "The Balance," completes the book of laws and helps establish the Imperial court system
-906 Moliko begins writing the laws of the Empire

-908 Akroeg the Ram dies
-908 Verek, son of Akroeg, establishes the Empire and becomes first Human councilor
-920 Ferries over the Segoltha River established
-920 Beginning of Riverhaven
-920 Akroeg begins conquering that is now present day Therengia
-953 Akroeg the Ram begins conquering the Clans
-953 Lanival begins wandering
-953 Sable becomes "Clan Protector"

Human-Elven War

-1000 to -1008

-1003 Human/Elven War ends
-1003 Kanton dies
-1003 Keirion dies
-1003 Lanival and Sable are born

-1003 Sorril Fades
-1003 Ferdahl Vurma commits suicide
-1003 Reign of Ferdahl Emreen Brighteyes begins
-1003 S'Kra king establishes Wind Clan as "Clan of the Dead" with Sarkhhl as its king
-1004 Guardians stop the Spell from being unleashed
-1004 S'Kra Wind Clan destroyed
-1005 Elothean House of the Black Fang destroyed

-1005 Elothean House of the Marching Lotus destroyed
-1007 S'Kra brought in to alliance with Elves
-1007 Qi'Reshalia S'Kra stay out of war, except to sell weapons to mainland Clans who joined the Elves
-1008 Kanton marries Sorril
-1008 Human/Elven War begins
-1008 Ferdahl Pale Cleareye dies
-1008 Reign of Ferdahl Vurma the Redfisted begins

Ancient History

-1009 to -1699

-1009 Dwarves employ 'Togs in their mines, beginning alliance
-1010 Long Winter begins
-1010 Gor'Togs released from slavery to S'Kra
-1010 Togs on on Qi'Reshalia islands still enslaved

-1700 to -1799

-1700 First 'Tog taken to islands as slaves
-1720 S'Kra Mur enslave Gor'Tog race
-1758 Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil Die

-1758 Reign of Ferdahl Vemrin the Grayhearted begins

-1800 to -1899

-1800 S'Kra encounter first 'Tog

-1834 Death of Ferdahl Queri the Lorethew
-1834 Reigns of Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil begins

-1900 to -1999

-1970 Death of Silvrathrew the Elder
-1970 Reign of Queri the Lorethew begins
-1970 Ferdahl Queri establishes the council and the Three

-2000 to -2099

-2039 S'Kra turn their their attentions to trade w/ Mainland
-2040 First of the eastern Raiders ships appear
-2040 King of S'Kra unites with mainland S'Kra raiders

-2040 New Royal Navy called the "Fangs of Ushnish"

-2100 to -2199

-2135 S'Kra Mur clans who fled begin raiding Qi'Reshalia Islands
-2139 S'Kra Mur clans who fled begin raiding Mainland
-2140 Reign of S'Kra Mur king Sarkhhl Smo'neh begins
-2140 Several S'Kra Mur Clans flee Sarkhhl's armies
-2150 Silvrathrew the Elder forges Elothean Clans into one Kingdom

-2200 to -2699

-2700 to -2799

-2700 Sidhlot leads a splinter faction away from Morganae's domain
-2700 Bone Elf Clan formed from Sidhlot's group
-2750 Morganae and the Mountain Elves murder the Mountian King and his Dwarves
-2751 Morganae begins turning enslaved Elves against their Dwarven captors

-2800 to -2999

-2900 Splinter Clan of the Wind Elves enslaved by Dwarves (future Mountain Elves)

-3000 to -3999

-3897 The Council disbands before the group known as "The True Path"

-4000 to -4999

-4203 Remnants of the Four form the Council
-4203 The Citadel (Chyolvea Tayeu'a) is built
-4209 Blackfire Cabal defeated by the Four
-4230 Fire Clan discovers the secret of Blackfire
-4995 First Gathering of Elemental Mages

-5000 to -5999

-5000 Time of the Outcasting
-5500 First wave if S'kra Mur clans flee Reshalia Island

-5900 Leth Deriel created

-6000 to -6999

-6000 Elven Time of the Clans begins

-6400 First Gor'Togs appear
-6600 First S'Kra Mur appear on Reshalia Island

-7000 to -12000

-7000 Keloryon killed in skirmish with Dwarves
-7000 Celestidhl becomes the first Elf to Fade
-7000 Elven Time of Sorrows begins
-9500 Children of the Two begin mating with Humans to reproduce Elven lines.
-11000 Avaric, first child of the Two, born
-12000 First Elves created by the gods, called the Two (Mother Celestidhl and Father Keloryon)