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Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: the Builder
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Type: emperor

Emperor (873-866 BL) after Baraliban and before Ushnegi.


  • 871 BL Gragna begins building roads to connect Imperial cities
  • 868 BL Massive effort goes underway to complete Throne City

Note: there was another Emperor named Gragna, Gragna II

Popular Depictions of Gragna

[Scholars' Museum, Gallery]
The glow of gaethzen lamps blocks all view of the night outside, giving the gallery the air of a well-lit stage awaiting the opening curtain. High arched windows reflect the interior like black mirrors, creating a double image which reinforces the sense of unreality. In the soft light, images in the tapestries and paintings lining the walls flicker, and dim shadows cluster about the display cases and pedestals. You also see a formal portrait of a regal Gor'Tog, a massive fresco centered along the long wall with a small gold plaque on it, a panelled coral-and-bone filigree room divider, and a carved mahogany archway.
Obvious exits: none.
The portrait captures both the quiet resolve and a certain rough humor of the Emperor, tall and strong like most of his race and dark-eyed with dusky olive skin. He is shown standing at a window overlooking a green and peaceful land, golden daylight spilling over him. At his hand lie scattered parchments covered with blueprints and maps, all weighted down with a large wooden compass. A plaque set in the frame reads "Gragna the Builder".