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The Plane of Abiding is the plane that contains Elanthia, its moons, the sun, and the other planets that make up our celestial system as well as all of the denizens thereof[1]. The limits of the plane of abiding, beyond the known celestial system, are unknown. Of all the known planes, it is composed of the greatest variety of substances and energies, ranging from stone and air to spiritual eand psychic energy to invisible aether serving as both the foundation of the plane and the later in which mana itself exists[2][3]. The plane of abiding was crated by the one and his wife, the void, but was shaped and populated by the Thirteen Immortals who originally inhabited the Plane of Abiding but have long since relocated to the Spiritual Plane[4].

Cosmology of the Plane of Abiding

Many scholars believe that The Plane of Abiding is situated at a crossroads between planes[5], although even they debate whether or not it is unique in this regard. True or not, the fact remains that many other planes exist near or even overlap the Plane of Abiding within the Planar Void, including the Elemental Planes, the Astral Plane, the Plane of Probability and the Spiritual Plane. The close contact with these planes allows the seepage of psychic or spiritual energy, mana, physical laws and, occasionally, matter itself across the Planar Void[6][7]. Locations such as Zaulfung Stones, the Suur Pillar and the strata beneath Taisgath all serve as extreme examples of such influences. The actions of Clerics, Moon Mages and Warrior Mages frequently cause the Plane of Abiding to be exposed to such influences and, ultimately, slowly weaken the distinction between the Plane of Abiding and its adjacent planes[8]. The most impressive example of such a event occurred when the necromancer Lyras created an exceptionally large breach in the planar barrier that corrupted all existence in the Plane of Abiding and resulted in measurable changes in the laws of magic[9][10].

Regions and Locations

The Elanthian Sun
The Inner Planets:

  • Verena - Verena, the bright red-orange planet known as "the Shining Crucible" is associated with Kertigen and is the planet close to the sun.
  • Estrilda - Etrilda is the green coloured second planet from the sun. It is known as "the Dawn Herald" and is associated with Hodierna
  • Durgaulda - Durgaulda is the darkly shrouded and barely visible third planet from the sun and is associated with Meraud
  • Yoakena - Yoakena is fourth from the sun and is associated with Damaris. It is known as "the Secret Interloper" after the fact that it is so frequently obscured that it is rarely seen.
  • Penhetia - Penhetia is the reddish brown fifth planet from the sun. It is associated with Everild and is known as "the Stalwart Defender" for its proximity to Elanthia

Elanthia - Elanthia is the planet where the eleven races currently dwell. It is also the sixth planet from the sun and is associated with Truffenyi.

Elanthia's Moons:

  • Xibar - Xibar, the blue moon, is the smallest of the three and is also closest to Elanthia.
  • Katamba - Katamba, the dark moon, is the largest of Elanthia's three moons.
  • Yavash - Yavash, the red moon, is the most distant from Elanthia

The Outer Planets:

  • Szeldia - Szeldia, know as "the Serpents Eye", appears as a black planet within a blue halo. It is the seventh planet from the sun and is associated with Hav'roth
  • Merewalda - Merewald is the eight planet from the sun. It is known as "the Pellucid Font" both for it's deep blue colour and association with Eluned
  • Ismenia - Ismenia is the cheery yellow ninth planet from the sun and is associated with Glythtide
  • Morleena - Morleena is a distant bright orange planet. It is the tenth planet from the sun and is associated with Tamsine.
  • Amlothi - Amlothi is the eleventh planet from the sun. It is a yellow-green planet associated with Faenella
  • Dawgolesh - Dawgolesh is associated with Chadatru and is the white coloured twelfth planet from the
  • Er'qutra - Er'qutra, also known as "the Black Void", is the nearly invisible thirteenth planet from the sun and is associated with Urrem'tier

The Planar Observatory - the Planar Obervatory is located with the Plane of Abiding but it's exact location is unknown. Currently the only known way to travel to the observatory is through astral travel to Grazhir shard Teloish.


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