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Status: Dead
Aliases: The Dragon
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Glacis, Arhat, Ka'len, Uthmor, Nissa, Lirisa, Moliko, Shorka
Relatives: Kanton, Sorril, Sable (1)

Lanival was the leader of the winning side in the Resistance War. Created the (approximate) boundaries of the five provinces as they are today, which are known in his honor as the Dragon's Realms.



Born in 1003 BL. Son of Sorril, an elf, and Chief Kanton, a human. Both parents died shortly after the birth of Lanival and Sable, his twin sister. The two siblings were raised as orphans by Kanton's clan until it was absorbed by the Ram Clan of Akroeg. Became a wanderer.

The Resistance War

Seven hundred years after Akroeg and the crumbling of Akroeg's empire, Lanival began to unite clans again with the help of Sable, his sister. The war with Teiro, an elf, lasted twelve years, during which time Arhat, Uthmor, Ka'len and others served under him. The war ended with the Guardians Glacis, Eerayn, and Sildua assisting Lanival in a final battle.

Lanival's "Death"

According to legend, Lanival was shortly thereafter ambushed near the Dragon Spine mountains by five elven assassins which, though it did not kill him, forced him into a sleep from which he will someday awake.


Lanival's status as the Redeemer and creator of the modern five provinces has elevated his life and status to something of mythological proportions. Countless myths, legends, and heroic deeds are ascribed to him, both plausible and impossible, and how much one would care to believe is an exercise left to individuals.

Dragon Clan

The Therengian gypsies known as the Dragon Clan claim descent from Lanival and his human followers.

Gor'Tog Paladin

In addition to intellectually dubious claims involving resurrection and Holy magic, there is a story of a highly popular and well-received Paladin of the Gor'Togs who helped drive back the Dragon Priests. There are further claims that this Gor'Tog was Lanival returned. Since Lanival's mother was Elven and his father was Human, this claim is, of course, highly dubious to most knowledgeable scholars, and the champion himself never substantiated these claims by acknowledging them.

Master of Magic

Although Lanival was a Warrior Mage, he also is attributed in several other guilds' spells.

Smite Foe

The Paladin spell Smite Foe was, at one time, described in this way: "When successful, the Smite Foe spell strikes as would a hammer blow, yet is unhampered by armor. By Lanival the Redeemer's covenant with Chadatru, it may never be used upon anyone of the Eleven Races, unless they have proven themself to be truly evil."


Furthermore, there is a plaque in Shard on the site at which Lanival is said to have performed the first resurrection, as Clerics do today.

Trading Card

The hero that unified the various powers of the time into a cohesive force that could take on the Elven warlord Teiro. Though they suffered numerous defeats, they gradually acquired the strength and allies to turn the tide and retake most of the lands Teiro occupied. But Lanival's most remarkable act was the pact he formed with three of the legendary Dragons, who lent their power to his struggle. Following the war, he established the Five Provinces and then vanished.


There are several books involving Lanival. They include:

Artifacts and Related Evokes

From time to time, certain items surface that seem to have ties to Lanival.

A slight Elven maiden slides wearily from a foam-flecked white palfrey, her hair disarrayed. In her slender arms she carries a dark-haired Human child, its head lolling, maiden and child both covered with bright crimson blood. "Water!", she cries in Common, her ringing voice at odds with the weariness evident in her face and demeanor. For a long moment, the camp does not stir, the light of the moon Xibar illuminating beautiful features -- also undeniably Elven.

"Yes -- I am Elven. But this child needs help. Please!"

A grey-eyed man rides forward, dismounting, and takes the child. He turns and enters a simple tent, and seems surprised to notice the lady following. Arranging the child on a narrow cot, the woman begins gently treating each injury. Finally, the lady produces a tortoiseshell comb and carefully teases out the child's hair. The Human watches as if troubled, then says, "My name is Lanival." Without looking up the Elven woman replies, "And I am Nissa."


Lanival can be found depicted in various pieces of artwork around Elanthia.

Lady Atladene's Salon Painting

Found in the parlor of the Estate Holder salon in Shard:

The majority of the heroes are those who served in the Resistance Wars with Lanival. Nissa poses upon a hillock, a kitten in her lap, while Arhat stands high upon a rocky promintory, his fists full of lightning and a wild look in his eyes.