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[[pretty name is::Tobias Redthorne]]
Status: Historical Figure
Race: Human
Gender: Unknown
Type: emperor


409 BL Reign of Merthamone Vanaya, a S'kra Mur, begins
408 BL The Bloodworm Comet appears in the stars of the Mongoose
404 BL The Vanaya family estate is destroyed
403 BL The Zaulfung Stones are erected
402 BL Reign of Tobias Redthorne, a Human, begins
401 BL Vast resources are directed into strengthening the Imperial fleet
398 BL The Imperial fleet is victorious in battle with one of the pirate clans
397 BL --The pirates suffer catatrophic defeat in the Battle of the Crimson Waves, but Tobias' flagship sinks
--Reign of Glinska, a Dwarf, begins