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Silvrathrew the Elder
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Type: ferdahl

Ferdahl Silvrathrew the Elder, an Elothean, was the first Ferdahl. Silvrathrew brought all the Elothean Clans together into a single kingdom.


One version

-2150 Silvrathrew the Elder forges Elothean Clans into one Kingdom
-1970 Silvrathrew the Elder dies, reign of Ferdahl Queri the Lorethew begins

Another version

2163 BL --Silvrathrew joins several Elothean Clans into a single group; she is diademed Ferdahl
2113 BL --Ferdahl Silvrathrew dies

From Elothean Studies

First Ferdahl and High Moon Mage of her people. She sired fourteen children in her long life, thirteen of which historically started the "Houses" of the Elotheans, and the fourteenth of which became her heir.

From Of Silk and Lace

It is said that the first Ferdahl, Silvathrew, accidentally discovered silk when she discovered a humble silkworm in her bedchamber, and, in fact, on her very pillow. As she lifted it in disgust to be rid of it, she noticed a cocoon of silk attached to the tiny thing. Thus was born an essential component of Elothean vesture.

Artwork & Items

The medallion depicts the first Ferdahl as a supremely wise-looking woman in the classical Elothean style.