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Status: Dead
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Associates: Sorril, Kanton, Kiernion
Relatives: Morganae, Lenvuc, Fayne, Anloralhe

Rivyn, an Elf, was Morganae's son and, at the time, only child. Rivyn was supposed to marry Sorril, the Elven daughter of the Forest Elves' leader, Kiernion. However, in 1008 BL, Sorril defied her father and eloped with Kanton, a Human, sparking the five-year Elven-Human War. In 1003 BL, Rivyn killed Kanton and was subsequently murdered by Sorril, who then Faded out of existence due to her grief.

These dates are based off of the timeline provided by GM Atrathien in 1998, which differs a bit from the timeline provided by GM Cadaya in 2001. According to the latter, Sorril and Kanton eloped in 1015 BL rather than 1008 BL, and the Elven-Human War is shown as lasting twelve years rather than five.

GM Evike's Office Door

In the Foyer of the office of GM Evike:

Made of two solid pieces of rich copperleaf wood, each panel has been carved in exquisite detail. The left door depicts representations of Keloryon and Celestidhl standing together over Elanthia spreading their arms wide as if giving their blessing to the planet. The carving on the left door takes a more sinister turn, showing in great detail Sorril stabbing Rivyn in the heart with Kanton's sword, Glisinais.