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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Type: emperor

Elven Emperor 847-841 BL (after Gredge and before Moliko.) The Bloodworm Comet appeared in the stars of the Mongoose the year after Chezarek's reign began. The release of a Shadowmaster Lord in 841 BL killed Chezarek, heralding the second reign of Elothean Empress Moliko the Balance.

From The Study of Omens and Celestial Portents by Pentaith Illistim

The last appearance of the Bloodworm was during the time of the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star. The Emperor then was a man by the name of Chezarek. Imperial rule was not enough for this ambitious man, as he knew that in seven years he would be forced off his throne, his power lost. So Emperor Chezarek made a pact with a demonic force. He would release the force, in exchange for great power. However, once free, the demon killed Chezarek, and very nearly destroyed the Empire.


Slot number 10.
An old silver coin from the days of the Seven-Star Empire. On the obverse are the head and name of the Elven Emperor Chezarek. At the bottom are the dates 62-67 IY. On the reverse side of the coin, you see a comet against the sign of the Mongoose.

Artwork & Items

The medallion depicts a lofty Elven man crowned with engraved stars, radiating a sense of power that once ruled seven races.