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The Zsikiel House bears a remarkable history, as they say the Kings of Ratha came from their blood. The Zsikiels remained powerful during the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star, producing great Generals, Governors, delegates. Among many notable figures from history of Zsikiel blood was the Emperor Ithevwe. The family is a great military force.

House Zsikiel runs the justice of Reshalia. They command the city's guards, and virtually all the judges of the city are of House Zsikiel. The family bears a reputation of being fair and honorable, and so they are widely respected throughout the Five Provinces.
Excerpt from:The Government of Ratha Through History

House Crest and Phrase


The image of a blindfolded lion bearing a sword in one paw and an olive branch in the other, the crest of the Zsikiel family. Beneath the crest is a banner emblazoned with the words "Kho, oshu tu indakar."

Phrase and Translation

Kho, oshu tu indakar - Hark/Lo, spirit (as/like/unto) thunder Translation.

Quick Facts

S'Kra Mur House or Gamant.
Prominent family on Ratha.
Known for Kings of Ratha, military force, judges, and for being fair and honorable.
Command the Malk'smo.
The Zsikiels constructed Ratha's Temple of Chadatru.

Famous Faces of the House

Raskh Zsikiel was a Councillor on Ratha (ca. 2002).

Sanyrsen Astoshe Zsikiel, a prominent Moon Mage, formed the Goldcaps.

Ithevwe Zsikiel was an Emperor.

Ilanthesh Chief Justiciar of Ratha.

Known Timeline

825 BL Reign of Ithevwe Zsikiel, a SKra Mur, begins

239 BV Sanyrsen Astoshe Zsikiel born.


ItemSource isRare item
Acid-etched jeweled longswordShoipak's WeaponryZhoryhh's Tenttrue
Item:Zsikiel tartan vesttrue
Weapon:Acid-etched jeweled longswordShoipak's WeaponryZhoryhh's Tentfalse
Zsikiel tartan vestWorn and tattered mapTreasure maptrue

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