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Of the Humans of antiquity who wore the Seven-Starred Crown, over half were members of the powerful Theren family. Their noble heritage still shines in the Royal Province of Therengia, considered by many to be the true seat of power in today's Realms.


The line of succession in Therengia is agnatic primogeniture, which means the inheritance according to seniority of birth among the sons of a monarch or head of family, with sons and their male issue inheriting before brothers and their issue, and male-line males inheriting before females of the male line. However, in Therengia a form of Salic Law is in place, meaning a female cannot rule the province.

The Morzindaen, Gamgweth for "Great Houses," are the most major and powerful Houses in the entire province of Therengia. While there are other, lesser noble Houses in Therengia, the Morzindaen each control a portion of land, which they oversee in the name of the Baron Theren. Generally, a Morzindu Lord possesses a keep of his own, from which he controls the land given him by the sovereign.

The list of Morzindaen has remained fairly constant throughout the long years of Therengia's history, as it is relatively rare for the Barons to elevate a House to this stature. It is even less frequent for a Morzindu to be dissolved completely, and usually quite drastic circumstances bring that about. In recent memory, only Houses Dunshade and Valsef have been dissolved, their lands absorbed into those of other Houses.

They are:
House Theren
House Trigomas
House Ananthor
House Rethlon
House Avshotin
House Weyato
House Abriyit
House Dacawla
House Kisarta
House M'Henral
House Macwe
House Darpam
House Dekera
House Shillat
House Vanuerin
House Kuthvaz
House Chancar
House Dunshade -- lands and title returned 38 Dolefaren 409

Lesser noble Houses (no longer sanctioned):
House Hedeon
House Giraud

Therengian Triage Locations

List of Therengian Triage Locations


Compiled by GameMaster Godrich prior to September, 2007

Therengia is a very extensive province, covering some 22 squares on the map grid, or about 220,000 square miles. Quite a good portion of this is mountains and waste areas, so only about 120,000 square miles would be really inhabited. Therengia is probably, overall, lower in population density than Zoluren, but given the construction of the Keep in Therenborough, the city of Muspar'i and so on, we would still be in the middle tier. With an overall density of about 39 people per square mile, we have population figures of:
Total Population: 4,680,000
Rural -- 4,095,000
Urban -- 585,000
Riverhaven -- 200,000
Langenfirth -- 2,000
Therenborough -- 40,000
Fornsted -- 2,000
Hvaral -- 3,000
Muspar'i -- 175,000
Unknown cities/towns/villages -- 163,000 (some of this could be taken up by increasing the size of the cities/towns listed above)

Cities and Towns


Therenborough Area Graphic

In Therenborough, one can experience a taste of the former glory and pageantry of the Seven Star Empire. The city has formed around what was and still is Theren Keep, a great stronghold of civilization. Many consider Therenborough to be the land's finest example of true culture.


Langenfirth Area Graphic

On the shore of Lake Gwenalion, Langenfirth is a haven for fishermen and Rangers alike. Travellers come from far and wide to sample the local cuisine while being within hiking distance of nature untouched by the progress of man.

Rossman's Landing

Rossman's Landing Area Graphic

Rossman's Landing is one of the newest towns in Elanthia, having been built by survivors who escaped the sacking of their village. Located atop a bluff overlooking Lake Gwenalion, the villagers are a tightly knit community which regards outsiders with a certain wariness.


Riverhaven Area Graphic

The river Faldesu provides the economic heart of Therengia with a bounty of seafood, salt, and trade goods. The town is not without its mysteries and legends mind you. Dunshade manor, once the great home of a local land owner, is now believed to be haunted and few dare to enter to prove otherwise.

Dunshade Manor

Dunshade Manor Area Graphic

Travelers are advised to keep their distance from Riverhaven's infamous Dunshade Manor, haunted by the spirits of the dead -- and perhaps a greater evil which drives good men to commit heinous deeds.


Zaulfung Area Graphic

Long ago, this region was home to the graceful palace of Empress Merthamone. Today it's a swamp tainted by a malign land-devouring spirit held at bay by magic, haunted by the dead, and infested with dangerous beasts.

Sicle Grove

Sicle Grove Area Graphic

The ill-fated settlement of Sicle Grove rested in the shadow of the Greater Fist, a once thought dormant volcano. The town was destroyed suddenly when the Fist erupted. Very little is left of the area that isn't ash and rock. However, care should be taken as fire sprite dwell among the remains.

Greater Fist

Greater Fist Area Graphic

The formerly dormant volcano known as the Greater Fist lies within the southern border of Therengia. This terrible example of the raw power of nature recently erupted, destroying the halfling settlement of Sicle Grove. Travellers should avoid the area if possible.


Fornsted Area Graphic

Standing proud against Ker'Leor forest, the town of Fornsted is a welcome safehaven from the wilds. Formed to support Arnshal Keep, Fornsted offers several quaint houses for its citizens to dwell. Fornsted is also a convenient stop over when travelling to the western desert.


Muspar'i Area Graphic

The great S'Kra Mur city of Muspar'i is a center of trade and a treasure trove of culture. The music of this veritable oasis in the desert has become one of cities' greatest attractions. Also of interest, is the temple of the World Dragon, the oldest one known to exist in the world.

Throne City

Throne City, Can you find it?

Abandoned as the Seven Star Empire crumbled over a thousand years ago, it was later re-discovered by the Moon Mage Guild and slowly restored. Half the city remains in ruins, but the northern half boasts shops and libraries of interest to the scholarly mage. The ruins, however, are dangerous and home to mysteries and angiswaerd.


A secluded Rakash village nestled between majestic mountains and old oak forest, quietly tucked away West of Langenfirth, in the wilds of Therengia.
Foothills of rolling small-town farmland, give way to Lake Dzive Ezer. The village is composed of a cluster of houses and associated buildings, scattered along the shore's clearing. Candle-lit dirt tunnels provide quick travel to all corners of this self-contained community. An authentic, traveler's retreat.

El'Bain's Stop

A small pass-through village between Langenfirth and Therenborough. There is a single general store, Delkai's Store, along with a popular gathering place, the picnic table. To the west of the village is the Estate Holder Beech Glade area while to the east are iconic Blood wolf and Sun vulture hunting areas.

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