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Vemrin the Greyhearted
Status: Dead
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Type: ferdahl
Relatives: Astrar, Emiil

Vemrin the Greyhearted was the fourth Ferdahl and was son of the Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil.


one version

-1758 Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil Die, reign of Vemrin the Grayhearted begins

another version

1904 BL --Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil die
1904 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Vemrin begins
1881 BL --Ferdahl Vemrin dies

From Elothean Studies

A savant of his people, Vemrin was thin and pale, often sickly, and never quite recovered from the death of his parents. It is said that he established the Melyo Rensh'a, if anyone.

GM Evike's Office Mask

In the Atelier of the office of GM Evike:

An engraved silversteel mask of Ferdahl Vemrin affixed with a shock of black hair and opal eyes.
Made of engraved silversteel, this visage of an Elothean male has been polished to give shine to the metal which also conveys the pale sickliness that has been associated with Ferdahl Vemrin. Real black hair has been attached to the crown of the mask, while golden opal eyes have been set into the eye sockets, giving the mask the look of a savant.