Kin Strife

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The Kin Strife was a period of time just prior to the fall of the Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star, in which there was wholesale war over who was the proper Emperor.

From The Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star, also known as the Fallen Empire (book)

In the final years, one great House took the Throne in its due course, but when the time had come to pass on the scepter, it refused and, with the collusion of two other houses, deemed the rest unworthy to hold the Throne.

This resulted in the Kin Strife that lasted for nearly 50 years as the massive Empire slowly tore itself apart. The last known Emperor, a Gor'Tog not yet of adult years, is said by legend to have once been asked by his regent what he would really rather do than be Emperor. The child replied he would prefer to be outside playing with his pet ducks. He was dismissed to do so and the Regent assumed the title of King..but of a powerless and toothless corpse. Within a generation, some 25 others had claimed the kingship, usually over the corpse of the predecessor until the pale remnants of power faded into the dust of history.