Vithwok IV

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Vithwok IV
Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: Vithwok the Young
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Type: emperor

The last Emperor. Also known as Vithwok the Young.


253 BL Despite Klyudor's attempts to stop the Strife, Imperial decay worsens
251 BL Reign of Cambedika, a Halfling, begins
248 BL Half the Elven Delegation is assassinated
247 BL People begin abandoning Throne City
246 BL --Fearing to select anyone else, the Gor'Tog Delegation sends a young boy to the throne
--Reign of Vithwok IV, known as Vithwok the Young, begins. A Regent, Selyan, is appointed.
243 BL Vithwok IV is deposed by his Regent


There have been several other Emperors named Vithwok