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One of the first Dwarven nations, constructed 1859 BL. Name is Haakish for "Blue Flame," and the Haakish spoken there is considered the most "authentic" by the Dwarves and is the dialect taught to students of the language.

It is home to the first Dwarven bardic academy, established "in an attempt to resurrect 'the knowledge and beauty of Dwarven song-stories.' Under its first rector, the cleric Glazhn Ofnor, the school launched an ambitious attempt to recover earlier instruments and texts, while 'creating new art to celebrate our continuing accomplishments.'"

Kwarlog, in addition to hosting the first bardic academy, is also home to the famous Svadh Shrine, better known as the Temple of Kertigen. The Four Bridges over the Namfals were created by a team of Kwarlogian dwarves, and are considered amongst the highest accomplishments of dwarven craftsmanship and magic seen outside of dwarven lands.

It spans the Arncharn Shel, which are located to the north of the Paasvadh Forest that houses Boar Clan and border Therengia, and the Himineldar Shel, home to Hibarnhvidar. One time allies of Therengia against the Dragon Priests, defeating them on the northern front in 3 BL, the Therengia-Kwarlog War was fought from 49-64 AV, resulting in the siege of Theren Keep (leading to its current state of disrepair) and the Therengian occupation of Hvaral beginning in 63 AV and continuing to the present day.

With the "new" boundries after the War, several Therengian Houses now border Kwarlog. House M'Henral controls the sole bridge spanning the Faldesu west of Langenfirth including the Kwarlogian Road. House Chancar lies in the forests east of Kwarlog.

Kings of Kwarlog

  • King Garrock, entered Kwarlog into the Elven-Human War on the side of the Humans.
  • King Baulsir, fought with Baron Falstad I to expel Dragon Priests from Therengia (Late 1st Century BL)


Hibarnhvidar Albreda Shrine

From the meditation wall in Albreda's Shrine in outer Hibarnhvidar:

The artwork on this portion of the wall depicts a group of Kwarlogian Dwarves toasting with the famed beer they brew using the bitter and mineral-laden waters of the mighty Biiskbowr River.
The artwork on this portion of the wall depicts the the Kings of Velaka and Kwarlog pouring over a document that already bears the signatures of the Barons of Therengia, the Ferdahls of Ilithi and the Councilors of Qi. A Sister of Ain Ghazal, her hands folded, almost blends into the background.
The artwork on this portion of the wall depicts the signing of a trade alliance between Humans and the Kworlog Dwarves, which established free entry and lack of dues on all goods between the respective groups.

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