Throne City

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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: 901 BL
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: Moon Mage
Government: None
Guild Halls: Moon Mage
Patron Deity: Hodierna


Official map from GM Rigby

Throne City was the capital of the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star, which reigned over the Five Provinces for nearly 700 years. The city has recently been discovered and is now partially restored, though much of the town is still overrun by decay and dangerous creatures such as Marbled Angiswaerd and Alley Thugs controlled by King Fade.

Throne City is an important city for Moon Mages. It's a location for several key Moon Mage quests such as Enchanting and Astral Travel. It features vendors that sell unique materials used in enchanting. Resident creatures such as angiswaerds drop husks used in Astrology. The museum within the city contains unique items that can be stolen by skilled Thieves, including stones used in the production of Gwethdesuans.

The city also features a Spell Library that is currently the only place in the game where magic-using characters can forget a spell, or purchase a custom spell prep message.

Throne City can be reached through a barge ride from Riverhaven's salt yard docks. Player-owned ships may also dock outside the city. Parties with Moon Mages can also reach Throne City through a moongate by FOCUSing stone turtle in Therenborough's Gaeleranendae's College.

Government, History, and Background

Government Type

Autonomous. Throne is located on the southern shore of the Faldesu River. It is, however, considered to be on Therengian soil. Neither Zoluren or Therengia lay claim to Throne leaving it on its own and governed solely by the Moon Mage Guild.

Prominent People

Enchanter Xathvier, owner of Xathvier's Curios and Oddities.

King Fade, ruler of the band of thugs which roam the ruins within the heart of Throne.

Archmagus Fleintoore, owner of Maginius Kaentao Maous, Spell Library.


901BL - Construction begins on Throne City by Dwarven masons assisted by the Gor'Togs. The seating and construction occurred under the order of Empress Taratochs who assumed leadership of the Empire that same year.

From 901BL until 240BL when it was abandoned as the Capital, Throne City was only deposed as the seat of the Empire once. In 485BL, the capital was moved to Elamiri (formerly Garnedhren), and was not returned until 479BL. It was believed this shift was done through Queen Morganae's meddling, for which sanctions were placed against the Mountain Elves from 478BL until 389BL.

For more extensive information please reference GM Cadaya's Elanthian Timeline.

Locations About Town


The Ponthilas Observatory
The Heritage House
The Imperial Palace, location of the Lunar Accord
The Museum of Imperial History
Maginius Kaentao Maous, Spell Library
The ruins of Hodierna's Cathedral


Shop Notable Products
Baravor's Wagon Moon Mage Sigilbooks (15p)
Chelwick's Glassworks Telescope repair
Dahl Aeliy Provisions and Wares General Store, Parchment Cases (3.5g)
Elanai's Delicate Tastes Food and wine
Exclusive Library Custom spell preps (10p and 50p)
Spell Library Buy spell slots, Forget a spell
Xathvier's Curios and Oddities Burins, Sigil Scrolls, Enchanting Oils
Artisan Display and Sales, Heritage House Heritage House items

Bars, Inns, and Taverns


Prominent Hangouts

Main Hangout: The three rooms above the medical pavilion serve as a place to hang out and heal. All rooms have decent foraging, with a variety of herbs that can be foraged as well as vines for braiding. The areas throughout most of Throne City do not allow for foraging. The southwest and the southeast room have decent Holy and Life mana, and the southwest room also has a gutter (trash bin), a telescope, and a fountain for filling containers with water. To access the Rooftop, CLIMB TRELLIS on the street at the entrance to the Medical Pavilion.

[Garden Rooftop, Medical Pavilion]
Sheltering a bed of roses the colors of the moons is a low railing resting atop elegantly beveled banisters. Tiles of green marble alternate with patches of springy heather and gildleaf shrubs, creating a verdant frame that compliments the blue and green of the serpents rising from within a marble fountain carved in bas-relief. Gazing toward a cobalt blue telescope from its perch in the water is a wooden duck, its wings partially extended as though for balance.
Obvious paths: northeast.

[Garden Rooftop, Medical Pavilion]
Branching vines of ivy creep outward from their tenacious hold on an ornamental trellis jutting up into view from below and wind through the elegantly beveled banisters of a low railing that borders the edge of the rooftop. Small clay pots nestle against the tendrils of green ivy, harboring carefully tended herbs that perfume the air with a faintly medicinal scent. Watching over the garden are three odd little statues, their ivory, jade and amber bodies mingling with the surrounding colors.
Obvious paths: northwest.

Another possible hangout place is room by the alley that leads to hatchlings.

[Old Throne City, Mir'Aevar Jegu]
Only some renovation has taken place along this narrow stretch of street, seen by the missing cobblestones as well as the general decrease in the amount of ornamentation. Few vendors market their wares here in this man-made canyon of partially white-washed buildings and half-restored statues, most likely due to the lack of regular foot traffic rather than any missing pretty sculptures. Atop a brown brick shop, a figure occasionally appears, surveys the area, then vanishes again. You also see a young scribe that appears rather calm, a large wooden barrel, a warning sign and a very narrow alley.
Obvious paths: northeast, west.

Important Activities


The altar within the ruins of Hodierna's Cathedral has been recently updated to provide the blessing of Hodierna.

Task Givers



Moon Mage Enchanting Quest

Shadewatch Mirror Quest


Throne City has a relatively smooth progression of creatures for hunting, most of which train skinning. The easiest creature is the River Caiman, which hit relatively softly for the amount they train, making them a strong choice for adventurers who have just graduated from Faenrae Reavers in Zoluren or Dusk Ogres in Riverhaven.

Recommended Hunting Progression

Ranks Required (Apprx) Option 1 Option 2
70-100 River Caiman
100-130 Blue-belly Crocodile
130-160 Heggarangi Boar
190-220 Angiswaerd Hatchling
220-250 Alley Thug
250-280 Marbled Angiswaerd
280 + River Boa


RanikMap35 - Throne City

RanikMap35a - Faldesu Inlet


Imperial Glory Song


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