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Morganae Sunderstone
Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Elamiri
Associates: Herrick, Corik
Relatives: Fayne, Lenvuc, Rivyn, Anloralhe, Lenizhir

Queen Morganae Sunderstone is the extremely long-lived and powerful leader of the Mountain Elves. Morganae is known for both her skill in battle and her political machinations -- she has been involved in numerous plots, intrigues, and wars.


According to dates in GM Cadaya's Elanthian Timeline 2, Morganae is between 3,040 and 3,439 years old.

As paraphrased from Garnedhren and the Iron Kingdom (book):

Morganae is the daughter of Tivhiri, who led a group of Wind Elves away from their clan to the Deriel Plain in 3094 BL. There, Tivhiri aided King Hvalig of Iron Clan in reclaiming, rebuilding, and ruling the dwarven city of Garnedhren in the Dragon Spine Mountains in the year 3048 BL.

It is written that Morganae and her twin brother, an Alchemist by the name of Lenizhir, believed that Iron Clan's wealth belonged to the Wind Elves, that Iron Clan had subjugated the elves of Garnedhren in a smaller section of the city, and that Tivhiri had abandoned elven tradition and given preference to the dwarves. Both encouraged insurrection among the younger elves who had never been a part of the Wind Clan, claiming that they should be the ones ruling Garnedhren. Lenizhir, hoping to force the elves to join a conflict, concocted a poison gas deadly to dwarves and released it in the dwarven residential section, killing off the dwarven youth and crippling many adults.

The dwarves and the younger elves came into conflict, resulting in the imprisonment of the elves. Morganae and her brother hoped to use this as a rallying cause for the elves to revolt, but Tivhiri opposed any such action. The revolt broke into full swing in 2650 BL when Tivhiri died in her sleep of unknown causes. Morganae was chosen as her mother's replacement, and led the elves to break free and slaughtered every dwarf they could find.

Morganae, who was known as the best warrior in Garnedhren, killed King Hvalig and took his crown, naming herself queen of Mountain Clan and claiming all of the Dragon Spine Mountains as her domain. The city was renamed Elamiri.

Dwarven survivors of the massacre scattered across the Dragon Spine mountains, and knowingly joined the necromancer Sidhlot in the hopes of acquiring vengeance. These became known as the Dark Dwarves.

Involvement in the Elven-Human War

Her only child (at the time), Rivyn, was supposed to marry Sorril, the daughter of Keirnion the leader of the Forest Elves. These plans were, however, spoiled when she ran off with Kanton, a human. After slaying Kanton, Rivyn was killed by Sorril, at which time Morganae withdrew from the Elven-Human war.

Other children

Rumored to have killed two of her own children who wished to take her throne.

Lenvuc, her son, was Emperor three times (first term beginning in 894 BL) before being killed during his third term.

Sidhlot killed one daughter (Anloralhe) on gondola. Sidhlot and Morganae are enemies; his precise relationship to her is a mystery, but he has been rumored to be her brother, her son, or even her lover.

Fayne is her son, and currently the most prominent and politically active of her children.

Relationship with Shard

With Corik, helped to build Shard. Her design and materials, his land and magic. After the death of Anloralhe in 250 AV, the gondola was closed for 100 years, leading to a decline in trade between Zoluren and Southern Ilithi.

Morganae has maintained a close relationship with the Ferdahls since, including the current Ferdahl Aemmin, but the nature of their relationship remains unknown.

From "Traders Guild History"

" the height of the Empire, these merchant families had unrivalled wealth which they sought to maintain through any means. One example that clearly illustrates the power of these families took place during the 5th century BL. From the year 478 BL to roughly 389 BL, trade sanctions were placed on Morganae, supposedly due to her political machinations. In reality this was done to punish her for the negative impact on trade these machinations had rather than any true political motivation."

This took place in 478 BL: Trade sanctions are placed on Morganae, as she is ordered to cease her political meddling.

Trading Card

Queen of Elamiri and the leader of the Mountain Elves. Morganae is beyond ancient -- no one knows precisely how old she is, or how she's lived such an unnaturally long life. What is known of this secretive ruler is that she has played a part, whether openly or manipulatively from the shadows, in every major event throughout known history. Morganae took part in the Elven-Human War, the Resistance War, and the Dragon Priest War. She meddled in the affairs of the Seven Star Empire, and it's certain that she's tugging on puppet strings even today.


You see Queen Morganae Sunderstone, an Elf.
Her face is concealed behind a cunning mask of heavy silver sculpted in the form of a woman's face, the expression remote and pitiless. The dark gleam of a watchful gaze flashes from the shadowed depths of a pair of tilted eye slits and the mouth is curved in an enigmatic smile. Intricate silver clasps gather her crow black hair on top of her head, allowing it to fall behind her in a long sweep that reaches her knees. Small and slight, she appears deceptively fragile.
Her age is unguessable.

She is wearing a thin silver crown, a braided silver sword belt inset with swan medallions, a white robe, some matte black plate armor, some black boots, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a jadeite gwethdesuan.

Appearance at the opening of the Gondola
She has crystal green eyes, very long straight black hair with a white streak running through it that is tied back, and pale skin.
She is very young for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a silver-edged longsword in her left hand.
She is wearing some glossy black plate armor, some silver-tip black boots, a snowy white robe and a thin silver crown.

During the Outcast War Negotiations

Morganae asks, "Will NO one rid me of this pestilential squat and repellent creature?"
* Jourok has been crystallized!
* Jourok was just struck down!
Morganae directs a frosty glare at Jourok. The air abruptly drops in temperature. Vicious winds surround and suffuse Jourok! Skin and organs become ice cubes while muscles and bones become instantly frozen. Brain freezes beyond redemption as nothing more remains but a lifelike ice statue.
* Jourok is slain before your eyes!
Jourok's gwererest shell falls to the ground.
Wyren says, "Oh..."
Raenilar fixes Morganae with a serene, lofty stare.
Morganae settles back, unruffled, and gazes about the table expectantly.
Wyren says to Jourok, "You fat barnacle."

Artwork & Items

The medallion depicts the leader of Mountain Clan as a supremely awe-inspiring woman in the classical Elven style.