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The Ferdahl is the office of the leader of the Elothean people. The Ferdahl resides in the Great Tower at the center of Shard.

Elothean Studies

From Elothean Studies: Elothean society is many-tiered and complex. There is one supreme leader -- called the Ferdahl -- who is viewed as the ruler of the Elothean Houses, and then below him or her is "the Three" -- the political leader, the seer judge, and the protectorate. The political leader deals with all matters foreign and interior, the seer judge oversees the laws of the land, and the protectorate commands the armies. The Ferdahl does not rest on his or her laurels, however. They often command the armies alongside the protectorate, write laws, and perform ambassadorial functions. If the reign does not go well, it is the Three, not the Ferdahl, who are to blame, and it is rare that an Os Dira'ora is accused or put on trial. In the history of the Elothean, the Ferdahl have committed ritual suicide or gone into exile -- turning their diadem over to an heir -- before dishonoring the Supreme Title.

Past Ferdahls

From the original Elanthian Timeline:

  • -2150 Silvrathrew the Elder forges Elothean Clans into one Kingdom
  • -1970 Silvrathrew the Elder dies, reign of Ferdahl Queri the Lorethew begins
  • -1970 Ferdahl Queri establishes the council and the Three
  • -1834 Ferdahl Queri the Lorethew dies, reign of Astrar and Emiil begins
  • -1758 Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil Die, reign of Vemrin the Grayhearted begins
  • -1008 Ferdahl Pale Cleareye dies, reign of Vurma the Redfisted begins
  • -1003 Ferdahl Vurma commits suicide, reign of Emreen Brighteyes begins
  • -903 Reign of Ferdahl Thaerine Plaintale begins
  • -859 Ferdahl Thaerine brings Elotheans into Seven Star Empire
  • -239 Reign of Ferdahl Corik of the Black Cloud begins
  • -238 Corik allies with Morganae to begin construction of Shard
  • -230 Corik and Morganae complete the city of Shard
  • -197 Corik advances on the Dragon Priests
  • -196 Corik flees
  • -2 Alec appears, claiming to be Corik's son
  • 290 Death of Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix, reign of Kukalakai the Black-Eyes begins
  • ~375 Former Ferdahl Corik's tomb discovered on island of Meshor (Corik's Quest)
  • ~386 Ferdahl Kukalakai executed by the Outcasts
  • 388 Reign of Ferdahl Aemmin a'Emaylian begins

From the updated Elanthian Timeline 2

  • 2163 BL --Silvrathrew joins several Elothean Clans into a single group; she is diademed Ferdahl
  • 2113 BL --Ferdahl Silvrathrew dies
  • 2113 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Queri begins
  • 2113 BL --Ferdahl Queri establishes the Three
  • 1990 BL --Ferdahl Queri dies
  • 1990 BL --Reign of Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil begin
  • 1904 BL --Ferdahls Astrar and Emiil die
  • 1904 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Vemrin begins
  • 1881 BL --Ferdahl Vemrin dies
  • 1881 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Vureanage begins
  • 1777 BL --Ferdahl Vureanage dies
  • 1777 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Misine begins
  • 1672 BL --Ferdahl Misine dies
  • 1672 BL --Reign of Reniaekai begins
  • 1551 BL --Ferdahl Reniaekai dies
  • 1551 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Ileehir begins
  • 1464 BL --Ferdahl Ileehir dies
  • 1464 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Nolietheal begins
  • 1356 BL --Ferdahl Nolietheal dies
  • 1356 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Vemaedaku begins
  • 1232 BL --Ferdahl Vemaedaku dies
  • 1232 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Diaesele begins
  • 1140 BL --Ferdahl Diaesele dies
  • 1140 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Pale Cleareye begins
  • 1045 BL --Ferdahl Pale dies
  • 1045 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Vurma Redfisted begins
  • 1015 BL --The Elven-Human War begins
  • 1014 BL --The Elves form an alliance with the Elotheans (Ferdahl Vurma)
  • 1006 BL --The Elothean Houses of the Black Lotus and Marching Fang are destroyed in the war
  • 1003 BL --Ferdahl Vurma dies. The Elotheans withdraw from the war.
  • 1003 BL --The Elven-Human War ends
  • 1002 BL --Reign of Ferdahl Emreen begins.
  • 241 BL --Corik the Black Cloud becomes the Ferdahl
  • 238 BL --Corik and Morganae ally with each other to build Shard
  • 203 BL --The Dragon Priest War begins with raids on mountain villages in Southern Ilithi and Adamantia
  • 198 BL --Ferdahl Corik attempts to purge the Dragon Priests from Ilithi, but they outmaneuver his army
  • 198 BL --Shard falls to the Dragon Priests and is razed
  • 197 BL --Ferdahl Corik leads a raid on the Priests' concentration camps
  • 191 BL --Dragon Priest Empire officially established
  • 170 BL --Corik's Tomb is constructed
  • 50 BL --Alec the Phoenix takes on the leadership of the Elotheans
  • 3 BL --Dzree dies and the Dragon Priest Empire begins to crumble
  • 3 BL --Ferdahl Alec leads the Elotheans against the Dragon Priests in the south
  • 20 AV --The North Ilithi Gondola is created by Queen Morganae
  • 266 AV --Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix dies. The Three declare a twenty-five year period of mourning
  • 281 AV --Reign of Ferdahl Kukalakai begins
  • ~375 Former Ferdahl Corik's tomb discovered on island of Meshor (Corik's Quest)
  • ~386 Ferdahl Kukalakai executed by the Outcasts
  • 388 Reign of Ferdahl Aemmin a'Emaylian begins