Zaulfung Stones

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Powerful magical stones located in the Zaulfung east of Riverhaven. They have been involved in numerous important events throughout history, including the destruction of Sorrow.

The Stones were erected by Farn's Company, which included famous figures such as Farn and Sithsia.

During a festival in Theren, Terald auctioned off a ring that produced visions involving the creation of the Stones. Sorrow and his gang were first seen at this auction, trying to take some of Terald's items.

A painting in the Gealeranendae College depicts the Stones:

The stones stand in a circle, one with an aura of lightning about it, another with an aura of flames. A black cloud looms above all the stones, and you can vaguely make out the shape of a woman's face in the clouds.

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