Lunar Accord

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Document which joined various lunar sects into a single organization. The united sects subsequently applied for and attained status as a formal guild, the Moon Mage guild. Depending on timelines, the Lunar Accord was signed in 580 or 586 BL.

Signatories of the Lunar Accord

Jares Braun of the Celestial Compact
Alicia Crowther of the Progeny of Tezirah
Rietyl Thumai (the Nameless One) of the G'nar Pethians
Mizuhari of the Monks of the Crystal Hand
Kir Dor'na'torna of the Skindancers tribe of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe
Madielle Firejuggler of Fortune's Path

Books detailing the signing of the Lunar Accord

The Celestial Compact
Profiles in Magic, Volume Nine The Nameless One: Of G'nar Pethians and the Lunar Accord
Profiles in Magic, Volume Five Mizuhari: Without Doubt, Without Fear
A Brief History of the Guild of Moon Magic
Profiles in Magic, Volume One Jares Braun : With Eyes to the Stars

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