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Kermoria (Gamgweth for "mountain country") is a continent where the provinces of (Zoluren, Ilithi, Forfedhdar, and Therengia) are located. Qi'Reshalia is an archipelago to the east of Kermoria. The provinces remain united more out of necessity than any true allegiance. In times of peace, tensions can sometimes rise to the point of diplomatic conflict, though there has been no war between the provinces for at least a century. In times of war, however, the provinces of Kermoria always seems to pull together and stand against any threat that rises against it.


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Kermoria does not appear to have been formed by any official treaty, and no central government of any kind exists. Instead, Kermoria was "established" by the dissolution of the Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star. When the central government folded, the provinces retreated into obscurity for a time, but quickly allied as they re-established contact over the years. Most recently, trade routes to Muspar'i and Forfedhdar have re-opened and friendly contact re-established. Though the Empire is now gone, a strong enough infrastructure was established to allow the provinces to recover fairly quickly.


Each of the provinces is governed under a different system. For example, Therengia is a barony, controlled by a very wealthy family of landowners, while Zoluren is a principality, where rulership is determined by a royal bloodline. Each province believes its way to be best, but so far they seem to cohabitate rather peacefully, occasionally holding games of friendly competition such as the Kaith Kirm.

The governing of the provinces happens much the way it did in the time of the days of the Empire, with each racial group given basic representation through their province's government, and a system of guilds networked through all the five provinces that controls all matters related to their designated subjects, seemingly without having to answer to local government. The major difference is, of course, a lack of centralized government.

International relations are somewhat unheard of in Kermoria. The most recent encounter with another nation was the marriage of the Princess of Andreshlew to the Prince Vorclaf of Zoluren. Prior to that, there was only a brief but terrible encounter with the militaristic Empire of Albaria, a conflict which ended in a total loss for Kermoria, with the nation's existence saved at the last moment due to the efforts of Wren and a small few others.



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