Hollow Eve Festival 425

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Opening and Closing Dates

Instance Opens Closes Box Office
Prime Friday, October 27, 2017 (13 Lirisa 425) Sunday, November 26, 2017 Purchase Tickets
Platinum Friday, October 27, 2017 (13 Lirisa 425) Sunday, November 26, 2017 Purchase Tickets
Fallen Friday, October 27, 2017 (13 Lirisa 425) Sunday, November 26, 2017 Purchase Tickets

Official Description and Announcement

Web Site Announcement

Games, raffles, shops, and merchants -- Hollow Eve 2017 has it all!
Come see what surprises await!
Opening Friday, October 27th!
The event you’ve waited for all year is just around the corner! Purchase a ticket for Hollow Eve 2017 and get access to:

  • A special gift exclusive to this year’s Hollow Eve!
  • Updated shops and games!
  • Raffles with unique items up to Tier 5 in strength!
  • New and unique items in the Hollow Eve auction!
  • New adventures and storylines!
  • New treasure at the Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze companion event!

Location and Map


Note: While this event takes place outside of Zoluren, F2P players do not need a Passport to Forfedhdar to attend.

Tasks for Tickets and Items

In the week before the festival opened, rifts opened randomly throughout the 5 provinces. From these rifts, Starcrasher‎ and Zenzic can spawn. GO RIFT will randomly transport you to other areas around the world. Near the Meeting portals in most cities or Town Green South in Crossing, priestesses gave out tasks that will earn points and currency on completion.

  • note: Empath Guardian Spirit and similar summoned companion kills will not count towards the task
  • ASK PRIESTESS ABOUT RIFT to check the current location of rifts.


These points will result in titles automatically granted and Hollow Eve tickets from Captain Kurmin. These can be obtained even without a ticket to the festival.

TITLE LIST GENERIC: Shows the titles you've earned from accumulated points. Free Accounts characters must purchase the title change scroll from the SimuCoins store to wear an earned title.

ASK PRIESTESS ABOUT WORK to check your total accumulated points.

ASK WORKMAN ABOUT REWARD just past the path to the spider to claim Hollow Eve tickets based off your accumulated points. You can earn up to 70,000 tickets.

Events and Gifts

  • Admit 1 receives 3 passes
  • Admit 2 receives 3 passes
  • Admit 3 receives 4 passes
  • Admit 4 receives 5 passes
  • Admit all receives 6 passes

Tentative Merchants


  • Shops that offer purchases with Hollow Eve tickets.

New and Updated Shops

  • Note: See the below GAMES section for games with updated prizes in 425.

Returning Shops



  • While the chart below shows what is dropped at each game, each game may drop different things at different rates. One game might be better at dropping crystals than rings, while another might be really good at stones instead of tickets, and so on. Explore and try things to see what works best for your current needs!
  • Game names in bold text have updated loot tables for the 425 event.
name items tickets simple & ornate rings potency crystals infuser stones
A Game of Chicken X X all X X
Armadillo Crush
Blood and Gourd X X Haralun only X X
Bobbing for Leeches X
Boggle Blast X X Niello only X X
Clockwork Spinneret X
Darkbox X X
Death From Above X
Entrail Toss X
Finest Box of Gems X some X X
Gnomish tinkerer X
Grave Earth Pile X Glitvire only X X
Kasine's Gauntlet X
Musical Chairs of Doom X X all X X
Ring Toss X
Rissan Roulette
Sandbox X
Snake Pit X X Alerce only X X
Spider's Web X
Tasks X X
Web-filled Harawep shrine X X some X

New Materials

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