Smaller Side of Life (3)

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The Smaller Side of Life
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Gnome shops, Armor shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Food shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Smaller Side of Life]
Fanciful murals create an oversized forest across the walls serving to highlight the surfaces used to display the many wares. A low branch wrapped in honeysuckle arches over a carved ruby mushroom with large opal spots. Sitting next to a vine-wrapped archway is a silversteel tree strung with tiny firefly filled jars, while across the room is a small silver door flanked by a tiny white spiritwood cupboard and a tidy curly birch shoe rack. A silk curtain embroidered with leaves hangs between two painted trees.
You also see a stoic Shadow Servant, an oversized gear-shaped table with several things on it and a wooden sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A wooden sign reads:
"All clothing in this room is Gnome only
save the items in the spiritwood cupboard."
On the low branch
Item Price Done
dainty stormy-blue winterweave ball gown patterned with silver-lined clouds 360,800   !!
floor-length ethereal white tutu dress with an ice sapphire halter top 315,700   !!
charming sky-blue pinafore dress over white ruffled petticoats 45,100   !!
long double-tailed dress jacket of dark bluefire velvet with two small buttons 586,300   !!
cuffed formal pants of dark blue icesilk with minute ivory pinstripes 45,100   !!
On the ruby mushroom
Item Price Done
small slate slacks stitched with tiny seams 4,510   !!
spun rainbow leggings bedazzled in tiny whimsical rainbow sapphire patterns 135,300   !!
pint-sized overalls fastened with bronze buckles 9,020   !!
petite pair of cotton pants with flared bottoms 4,510   !!
a poofy metallic blue tutu with strips of white lipka cotton ribbons 180,400   No
icing pink tutu sprinkled in teensy bits of spring emeralds 90,200   !!
On the silversteel tree
Item Price Done
dark starlight velvet vest with two front pockets 405,900   !!
v-neck argyle sweater in grey and blue 7,216   !!
little button-down shirt closed with a slightly askew bowtie 4,510   !!
sleeveless empire-waist blouse patterned with tiny daisies 4,510   !!
long sleeved cotton shirt dotted with shiny ruby apples 9,020   !!
comfy cotton shirt painted with "Rollin' with my Gnomies" 4,510   !!
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
soft small sealskin moccasins 90,200   !!
dainty pair of icesteel spun glitter slippers 225,500   !!
teensy pair of canvas slippers with asymmetrical seams 4,510   !!
tiny pale blue wizard boots with crumpled pointy toes 586,300   !!
little loafers adorned with a single copper Lirum 9,020   !!
itty-bitty pair of combat boots with icesteel grommets 225,500   !!
On the spiritwood cupboard
Item Price Done
tiny gold pinky ring inset with an emerald serpent 15,334   !!
tiny gold ring inlaid with an alabaster unicorn 11,726   !!
small animite ring inset with a tiny black diamond spider 1,019,260   !!
petite gold-trimmed ring enameled with dragonflies 11,726   !!
diminutive platinum ring set with a large fire opal 108,240   !!
tiny gold ring inset with an amber honey bee 11,726   !!

Eastern Wing

[The Smaller Side of Life, Eastern Wing]
Painted black with shimmering silver and gold stars, the walls create a backdrop to the two large cubby-holes decorated to look like a grassy mound and a flowering mound respectively. A silk curtain embroidered with leaves hangs between them, fluttering with any movement in the room. Sitting in the center of the room is an ornate icesteel pedestal flanked by a dark dragonwood chest on one side and a frosted glass table top on the other. Along the back wall is a very short Ilithic applewood counter. You also see a wooden sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A wooden sign reads:
"We, the Gnomes, in the gname of racial unity,
bring you all the items you see here.  Some are
Gnomish and Gorbesh in gnature, but we are willing
to share!  Please gnote the items in the cubby hole!
We used our Gnomish gnoggins and came up with what
we feel is the perfect package|each race and
crammed it all into the most perfect racial bags
ever to be done!  Enjoy!  Love, The Gnomes.
On the icesteel pedestal
Item Price Done
brown paper bag 902   !!
On the gear-shaped table
Item Price Done
tyrium pendant crafted from a multitude of gears 50,000 tickets   !!
miniature spiritwood airship powered by a system of tiny gears 65,000 tickets   !!
teetering tiny house held together with a series of gears and a rackensprocket 55,000 tickets   !!
teensy caravan pulled by a team of clockwork goats 60,000 tickets   !!
dysfunctional green gold orlog displaying an intricate mass of gears 70,000 tickets   !!
slender tomiek bracelet assembled from a myriad of gears 25,000 tickets   !!
fragile blue-white mistglass anklet constructed from a slew of gears 30,000 tickets   
many-geared audrualm armband 15,000 tickets   !!
set of thick darkstone bracers covered in gears 45,000 tickets   !!
ornate haralun circlet topped by tiny gears 40,000 tickets   !!
pair of soft blue mistglass earcuffs displaying an array of gears 20,000 tickets   !!
elaborate handflower patterned from diminutive gears 35,000 tickets   !!
In the dragonwood chest
Item Price Done
tri-colored silk belt knotted in a complex pattern and secured by a gold gear 18,040   !!
double-wrapped belt of pure white winterweave 135,300   !!
ostentatious belt of square-shaped anjisis panels 54,120   !!
narrow diamond hide belt clasped with a square of polished silver 225,500   !!
odd little belt of crudely sewn leather scraps 4,510   !!
murky green goblinskin belt worked with a double row of blackened steel rivets 9,020   !!
In the large cubby-hole
Item Price Done
austere inky black ruven crafted out of dragonar 496,100   
gear-shaped spiritwood medallion 225,500   !!
glacial blue winterweave sochi lined with snowy white frost opal icesilk 405,900   !!
bloomers of delicate Albarian lace with ruffled bottoms tied by tiny bows 586,300   !!
short-sleeved cotton shirt painted with a tiny Gnome carrying a Kaldar on his back 9,020   !!
barefoot heartstring lace sandals braided with daisies 48,257   !!
short-sleeved white cotton shirt with silver-infused Gnomish kocho toggles 56,375   !!
knee-length trousers belted by a single cord of heartstring lace 95,161   !!
petite shoulder tote embroidered with a large daisy 38,335   !!
On the table top
Item Price Done
amber-hued chainsil fan with the words "OH HONEY" picked out in ebony thread 10,824   
ivory silk fan with "ARE YOU STILL HERE?" painted in bold black lettering 10,824   !!
Velakan linen fan embroidered with "WISH YOU WERE THERE" in dark blue thread 10,824   !!
sky blue silk fan painted with the words "I SAID GOOD DAY" in bold red lettering 10,824   !!
dusky blue faille fan embroidered with "NAILED IT" in sunshine yellow thread 13,710   !!
forest green camlet fan embroidered with the words "NOT TODAY" in golden thread 39,237   !!
On the applewood counter
Item Price Done
red and yellow striped bowtie - neck: 10 mana 18,040   !!
black bowtie accented with subtle sky blue stripes - neck: 10 mana 18,040   !!
tiny silk cravat fastened with a diamond-accented cambrinth pin - neck: 5 mana 36,080   !!
cambrinth icon of the Imperial seven-pointed star - generic: 15 mana 36,080   !!
ginormous cambrinth cupcake with a cloud ruby gumdrop on top - 108 mana 541,200   !!
tiny round cambrinth disc with the word "CLUE" engraved on the front - generic: 15 mana 36,080   !!
cambrinth flarmencrank trapped in a copper wire bracelet - wrist: 35 mana 225,500   !!
soot-stained cambrinth bunny wielding a slightly melted glarmencoupler - 108 mana 451,000   !!

In the sizable cubby
Item Price Done
rounded icesteel-framed spectacles with blue tinted lenses 360,800   !!
outlandish pair of goggles sporting gear-shaped copper tinted lenses 90,200   !!
chunky yellow wax pencil with a wire-wrapped pink eraser 9,020   !!
squishy grey earmuffs connected by a copper spun glitter cord 45,100   !!
whimsical will o'wisps 9,020   !!
tiny clockwork fairies with spun rainbow wings 135,300   !!

Western Wing

[The Smaller Side of Life, Western Wing]
Gnomes in various poses of fierce battle are painted upon the walls. A statue of a female Gnome with fiery red hair stands between an Ilithic applewood crate and a white spiritwood chest as if guarding them. Across from her, the statue of a male Gnome sits on one end of a hollowed out log, his back seeming to rest on the short e'erdream cupboard in a pose of relaxation. Sprouting up from the middle of the room is a cherry pozumshi tree, while a vine-wrapped archway takes up part of one wall.
You also see a wooden sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A wooden sign reads:
"Armor is wearable by Gnomes ONLY.
Items in the log and crate can be worn by anyone."
In the spiritwood chest
Item Price Done
light tan coat with lapels bearing Gnomish insignia - light: torso/arms 90,200   !!
pair of reinforced tan jodhpurs tied and tapered at the ankle - light: legs 72,160   !!
mail hauberk covered with a ragged camouflage tabard bearing red insignia - chain: torso/arms/legs 135,300   !!
diamond-hide hauberk of glistening green scales dangling a long spiked tail - brigandine: torso/arms/legs 1,353,000   !!
bronze plate shirt decorated with stylized orlog epaulets and battle medallions - plate: torso/arms 135,300   !!
bronze greaves bolted at the knee with complex rackensprockets - plate: legs 90,200   !!
armor for Gnomes
On the pozumshi tree
Item Price Done
peaked tan cap with a stylized gem-embroidered patch - light: head 45,100   !!
black mail balaclava with strips of red fabric interlaced through the links - chain: head/eyes/neck 45,100   !!
green diamond-hide helm of tiny scales sporting a wide jaw and ridged eyebrows - brigandine: head/neck 360,800   !!
ornately scaled mask with red googly eyes immediately above tiny eye slits - brigandine: eyes 45,100   !!
bronze top hat riveted with a pair of carefully enmeshed wire goggles - plate: head/eyes 135,300   !!
single strip of thick metal poured and hammered to resemble an ascot - plate: neck 45,100   !!
armor for Gnomes
In the e'erdream cupboard
Item Price Done
pair of tiny tan leather gloves with thick black stitching - light: hands 45,100   !!
black mail gloves with open palms fastened by worn leather straps - chain: hands 90,200   !!
diamond-hide gloves riveted with green scales tapering to sharp curved claws - brigandine: hands 405,900   !!
plate gauntlets joined by thick bolts with visible glarmencouplers - plate: hands 135,300   !!!!
armor for Gnomes
In the hollowed log
Item Price Done
pair of bright yellow puddle-stomping boots - brawling (feet) 9,020   
little windsteel gardener's shovel with a blunted blade - light blunt (20 stones) 1,082,400   
Gnome-sized greatsword with a pure white spiritwood hilt - two-handed edged (113 stones) 1,804,000   
grey tursa sporks - light thrown/light edged (5 stones); x5 270,600   
asini icepicks - light thrown/light edged (5 stones); x5 225,500   !!
letter openers - light thrown/light edged (5 stones); x5 10,165   !!
fancy forks - light thrown/light edged (5 stones); x5 20,195   !!
In the applewood crate
Item Price Done
silversteel-bladed fan dangling a lotus charm 6,765,000   
steel-bladed fan with a thornweave wrapped handle 180,400   
glaes-bladed fan adorned with a gloomwood lily charm 7,216,000   
bronze-bladed fan with a linen wrapped handle 45,100   
icesteel-bladed fan flaunting frost opal charms 3,608,000   !!
kertig-bladed fan with an incarnadine tassel 4,510,000   !!
light edged/short staff (25 stones); verby
A huge notecard reads: You may only purchase -2- fans from this table per FAMILY. Choose wisely! No Refunds will be given.