On the Mend (2)

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On the Mend
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Alchemy shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[On the Mend, Main Room]
String-tied bundles of dried healing herbs are suspended overhead, perfuming the air with a sweet and musky aroma. A wide variety of alchemist's tools litters the surface of the battered pine worktable that stands alone in the center of this sparsely decorated room.
You also see a battered pedestal with a faceted Wayerd egg set with silver filigree on clear glass panes on it, a scuffed metal door, a lacquered pedestal with a couple of things on it, a small endtable with a bamboo-bound rounded wire sieve on it and a sturdy basket. Obvious exits: north.

On the battered pedestal
Item Price Done
faceted Wayerd egg set with silver filigree on clear glass panes 10,824   

On the lacquered pedestal
Item Price Done
polished blue alabaster mortar wrapped in supple leather 1,172   
On the lacquered tray (which is on a lacquered pedestal)
Item Price Done
polished blue alabaster pestle with a leather-wrapped handle 1,172   

On the small endtable
Item Price Done
bamboo-bound rounded wire sieve 902   
In the sturdy basket
Item Price Done
polished blue alabaster bowl encased in thinly padded leather 1,082   

[On the Mend, Sales Floor]
Flickering candles send shimmering waves of light across the yards of gleaming jewel-toned silk that crisscrosses the walls and ceiling. A patterned wool carpet softens the cold grey of the metal floor and brings a touch of warmth to the area. An elderly Gnome is kept busy tidying the wares on an oak table and dusting the shelves of the teak and pine curio cabinets that occupy the far corners.
Obvious exits: south.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
rowan alchemist's kit with a grooved silverwillow fastener - Contains a grooved silverwillow key 38,089   !!
driftwood alchemist's kit fastened with a red spinel octopus - Contains a red spinel key imprinted with an octopus 32,068   !!
speckled alchemist's kit of supple doeskin - Contains a rosewood key etched with a deer 39,154   No
violet silk alchemist's kit clasped with a jade rose - Contains a jade key with a rose-shaped handle 32,637   !!

On the pine cabinet
Item Price Done
ruddy alchemist's kit crafted from rat pelts - Contains a rusted key etched with a rat 34,809   No
goldenrod canvas alchemist's kit adorned with an enameled jackal - Contains a gold key impressed with a jackal 34,821   No
boar hide alchemist's kit clasped with a pair of tusks - Contains an ivory key 35,072   No
silk alchemist's kit set with a crow-shaped smoky topaz - Contains a engraved with a crow 38,583   No

On the teak cabinet
Item Price Done
variegated leather alchemist's kit graced by coiled viper - Contains a viper-shaped key 33,692   !!
halmik alchemist's kit ornamented by painted juniper tree - Contains a halmik key stamped with a juniper tree 39,933   No
canvas alchemist's kit graced by black marble spider - Contains a black marble key with a handle shaped like a spider 32,627   No
brushed bronze alchemist's kit - Contains a a bronze key stamped with the image of a burning torch 33,245   No
crystal alchemist's kit fastened with a zircon dolphin - Contains a crystal key 33,347   No