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In Magic 3.0 a focus is a magical item that will help the magician to prepare three types of spells.

Ritual Focus

Ritual foci come in several flavors. There are limited used foci that work only for a specific spellbook, there are unlimited use ritual foci that work for any spell within a mana type, and there are true universal foci that work with any ritual spell.
Universal and realm-attuned ritual foci require knowledge of the Improvised Rituals Magical Feat.

A few commonly-available examples from Herilo's Artifacts in Crossing are listed below:

You must INVOKE the focus during the preparation of your ritual spell. Doing this considerably eases the ability to cast the ritual spell your focus is attuned to. You can STUDY a focus for additional description of its use. Using FOCUS on a focus allows you to determine what type of focus (spellbook, mana, or universal) they are.

There is an Arcana requirement to invoke a ritual focus. The Arcana requirement is dependent on the spell.

Sorcery Focus

Targeted Magic Focus

A Targeted Magic focus enchantment will modify your Targeted Magic spells (to provide a damage boost, for example) from the time you INVOKE it. The focus must remain in your right hand after being invoked to use its effect.

The Arcana requirement to use a Targeted Magic focus is tied to the strength of the enchantment.

TM Foci do not boost summoned pets[1] due to the unique way these spells function.[2]

List of Foci

Agonite pin set with a delicate cluster of rikar crystalsReturn to the Keep 431/Supply Wagon
Beaten copper figure holding a telescope aloftFocus on the Past (1),Focus on the Past (2)
Bouquet of silk daisies bound with twineVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Broken compass in a sigil-seared wooden caseVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Ceremonial scourge with a diamond-hide gripDrathrok's Assemblage (5)
Copper dodecahedron with raised edges terminating in tiny globesFocus on the Past (1),Focus on the Past (2)
Crystal ball with wisps of darkness swirling inside it
Crystal-bone globe caught in a web of interlocking finivire twigsGuildfest 423 Auction
Cylindrical seal stampFocus on the Past (1),Focus on the Past (2)
Dark ka'hurst pin set with a moon-shaped aurora opalReturn to the Keep 431/Supply Wagon
Dented bronze censer attached to a sigilated amulet chainVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Flawlessly cut crystal fist inset with Imperial gemstonesHollow Eve Festival 428 Auction
Glued-shut unguent jar carved with a sigil on its sideVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Gnarled azurelle branch dangling myriad stone amuletsDrathrok's Assemblage (4),Drathrok's Assemblage (5)
Gnarled branch with a small leather-bound gripFinest Box of Gems (1),Finest Box of Gems (3)
Lirisan pin set with a piece of purple zoetiaReturn to the Keep 431/Supply Wagon
Massive vengeance ruby fireballSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 428/End loot,Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 432/End loot
Metallic sphere covered in Xibar-blue enamelFinest Box of Gems (2)
Moonstone-beaded watered steel abacus etched with complex sigilsFocus on the Past (1),Focus on the Past (2)
Pair of bronzed baby shoesVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Petrified cob of corn tied with a sigil-stitched ribbonVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Plush ruined spellbook with sigils painted on its waterstained coverVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Plush three-eyed butcherbird embroidered with a sigil on its headVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Plush zenzic embroidered with complex sigilsVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Polished bone bowl painted with a black fish designFocus on the Past (1),Focus on the Past (2)
Pure white aldamdin buckleFinest Box of Gems (1)
Quartz crystal rod ornamented with silver and amethystFocus on the Past (1),Focus on the Past (2)
Quartzite skull inset with spherical onyx eyesFinest Box of Gems (1),Finest Box of Gems (3)
Round sungold ducky with swirling charoite eyesSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 428/End loot,Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 432/End loot
Scorched wooden doll painted to represent a total body incinerationVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Shellacked crescent roll carved with crude sigilsVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Sigil-stamped goblet filled with wine-hued carnelianVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Sigil-stamped oilskin boot filled with aquamarine glassVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Sigilated indurium rodDrathrok's Assemblage (4),Drathrok's Assemblage (5)
Silvery grey animite sphere with stormfire topaz inlayDroughtman's Challenge 426/End loot,Droughtman's Challenge 430/End loot,Droughtman's Challenge 433/End loot
Silvery-black iconFinest Box of Gems (1),Finest Box of Gems (2)
Simple golden reliquary stamped with the image of Saint YalvacheDrathrok's Assemblage (4),Drathrok's Assemblage (5)
Slender stuffed flute adorned with silver sigilsVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Small crystal-bone helix dusted with platinumDrathrok's Assemblage (3)
Small granite disc scorched along the edgesDrathrok's Assemblage (5)
Small stuffed shield emblazoned with the lion of ChadatruVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Steel sard-tipped rodVatari's Ritual Addiction (1)
Stormtouched silverwood staff crackling with barely contained electrical energiesSu Helmas: The Forbidden Temple 434/End loot
Sungold sunburst partially eclipsed by YavashDroughtman's Challenge 430/End loot,Droughtman's Challenge 433/End loot
Tablet carved with mathematical formulae and esoteric sigilsVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Tarnished silver coin charm detailed with a man in profileFocus on the Past (1),Focus on the Past (2)
Tetractys of interlinked haledroth sigilsDrathrok's Assemblage (3)
Thorny amygdaloid seed carved from petrified purpleheartSu Helmas: Seeds of Entropy/End loot
Tiny flower-patterned umbrella decorated with a fringe of sigil-carved beadsVatari's Ritual Addiction (5)
Tome-shaped uthamar pin covered in anloral holy symbolsReturn to the Keep 431/Supply Wagon
... further results

References / Also See

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