Blood and Gourd (3)

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Blood and Gourd (3)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Blood and Gourd, Entrance Hall]
A chaotic sea of orange fills the room, accompanied by a strong aroma that washes over you. The floor, walls and even parts of the ceiling are covered with the remains of pumpkins. Occasionally, someone enters carrying an intact gourd, smashes it against the nearest available surface, and wanders back into the nearby room, voicing a hurrah or a curse. You also see a metal door.
Obvious exits: east.

[Blood and Gourd, The Vat]
An enormous vat dominates the center of the room, allowing only enough room to walk around it. Splashes of water from the vat have left puddles around the room, but the floor is free from pumpkin pieces. Several attendants are nearby to assist customers and insure that the area remains relatively clean. You also see a dented metal bucket and a large sign labeled 'NOTICE!'.
Obvious exits: west.

 -- NOTICE! --

Within the vat you will find a wide assortment of pumpkins that may contain prizes or surprises.

Any customer may make a GRAB from the VAT for only 500 Dokoras!

We wish you luck, as there will be no refunds if you have an 'accident' or are injured!

~The Management

Overview of the Game

  • When you GRAB VAT, you will often receive a pumpkin. Simply BREAK MY PUMPKIN to try for a prize. There is a very high chance for a prize from these, but you also run the chance of getting an exploding pumpkin (gives some serious vitality loss and bleeders), a booby trapped pumpkin (tosses a black sand leech at you), a poisoned pumpkin (cyanide) or a diseased pumpkin (causes you to twitch and gives nerve damage).





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