Sketchy By Design (7)

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Sketchy By Design
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428
Owner Aguisian
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Writing shops, Housing shops, Thief shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Sketchy By Design, Gallery]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious room. Several paintings and sketches adorn the walls, their steady line broken only by a full-length mirror and the painted black door leading into the artist's workshop.
You also see the exit.
Obvious exits: northeast.

[Sketchy By Design, Supplies]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious room. Various jars and trays sit on a table along the back wall, each filled to overflowing with writing utensils. You also see a simple wooden easel with a couple of things on it and a small silver rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the simple wooden easel
Item Price Done
somber ironwood-framed painting 142,746   
stately alerce-framed painting 383,350   
In the blown glass jar
Item Price Done
lustrous white silver stylus engraved with a dole of flying doves 18,040   
chitinous tomiek stylus carved to resemble a spider's foreleg 676,500   
versicolor rencate stylus etched with a repeating pattern of feline pawprints 6765   
On the shallow glass tray
Item Price Done
broad goshawk feather quill with a thin platinum tip 31,570   !!
long white swan feather quill with a thin silver nib 13,530   !!
slender kestrel feather quill tipped with a polished gold nib 22,550   !!
On the silver rack
Item Price Done
sheet of glossy carmine paper with gilt silver edges 1713   
thick sheet of textured eggshell-white paper 2255   
delicate sheet of white paper decorated with floral vines 1804   
sheet of russet deckle edge paper 2097   
sheet of pearlescent grey paper with scalloped edges 2011   
sheet of creamy white paper embossed with silver paintbrushes 2999   
sheet of yellow parchment paper decorated with black filigree corners 2004   

This room is Thief only.

[Sketchy By Design, Backroom]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious room. Various wares sit on a table along the back wall, each filled to overflowing. You also see a gap leading back to the gallery, a crystal tray with several things on it, a polished brass pole with several things on it and a narrow stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the display caddy
Item Price Done
silver-hued keyblank 4,540   
golden-hued keyblank 9,020   
soapstone keyblank 135   
ironwood keyblank 541   
pewter keyblank 541   
mother-of-pearl keyblank 631   
bronze keyblank 270   
soft iron keyblank 90   
ivory keyblank 766   
platinum-hued keyblank 18,946   
On the brass pole
Item Price Done
olive-hued scalene pouch clasped with an animite dragon 739,640   !!
night black thornweave pouch clasped with a darkstone shrike 270,600   !!
aubergine starlight velvet pouch clasped with a palladium panther 198,440   !!
carmine madun pouch clasped with a purple gold nightingale 117,260   !!
slate grey armure pouch clasped with a blackened steel dagger 135,300   !!
lumpy treasureweave pouch clasped with a black gold skull 947,100   !!
A small sign reads:
These pouches have been carefully tailored to hold 75 trap components. Enjoy! ~The Management~
On the small box
Item Price Done
deep green thornweave pouch 46,227   !!
twilight-hued pouch with steelsilk ties 8,478   
taffelberry-hued lipka cotton arm pouch 902   !!
blackened steel vial on a punka leather band 10,179   
dainty celadon wrist purse edged in heartstring lace 15,785   !!
carmine gemfire velvet wrist purse studded with silver-infused Gnomish kochos 83,498   !!
Dirt containers
On the crystal tray
Item Price Done
ebonwood lockpick case carved with butcherbirds in flight 180,400   !!
tel'athi lockpick case etched with a pair of crossed daggers 4,510   
smooth acenite lockpick case 9,020   !!
engraved animite lockpick case 2,255,000   
lacquered smokewood lockpick case 342,760   !!
blackened steel lockpick case 2,255   !!
clockwork lockpick case affixed with tiny silversteel-infused Gnomish kocho 135,300   !!
Lockpick stackers
On the narrow stand
Item Price Done
sharpened pumpkin 13,333   
serrated snowflake 13,333   
gold-hued star 13,333   
silver-edged star 13,333   
razor-legged spider 13,333   
Stackable LTs
On the jewelry tray
Item Price Done
animite earstuds dangling night black butcherbirds 478,060   
black gold panther with starry tanzanite eyes 58,630   
grinning red gold skulls 54,300   
slender erythraean-hilted stilettos 469,040   
Feature worn jewelry