Fashionable Panda (2)

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The Fashionable Panda
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Panda One

[The Fashionable Panda, Panda One]
The room is enclosed with rice screen panels depicting a frolicking panda cub throwing delicately hued cherry blossoms into the air. Painted pink petals seem to float in lazy drifts and swirls in the air above an arrangement of low tables. Woven bamboo mats cover the floor.
You also see a woven bamboo arch.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the low mistwood table
Item Price Done
loose violet spun glitter shirt trimmed in blackberry silk 1,037,300   !!
loose blueberry-hued cire shirt trimmed in cream silk 360,800   !!
loose peacock-green madun shirt with turned back cuffs 405,900   !!
lemon-hued westan wool shirt with turned back cuffs 90,200   !!
loose peach marquisette shirt lined in white silk 360,800   !!
loose pale grey shireli lace shirt lined in sunset-red silk 541,200   !!
On the low silverwood table
Item Price Done
silver rosecloth bandeau 586,300   !!
tarnished gold silveress bandeau 676,500   !!
wine and tangerine petalette bandeau 586,300   !!
onyx thornweave bandeau 496,100   !!
white winterweave bandeau 180,400   !!
spun rainbow bandeau 135,300   !!
On the low goldenwood table
Item Price Done
graceful charcoal winterweave tunic trimmed with ice sapphires 631,400   !!
simple spun rainbow tunic with a cloud embroidered hem 225,500   !!
rose-hued jaspe tunic with heliotrope accents 1,804,000   !!
apple green spun glitter tunic embellished with silverweave 180,400   
fragile black Elven snowlace tunic with a blue eolienne hem 676,500   !!
diaphanous white sunkissed chiffon tunic with a gilt trim 586,300   !!

Panda Too

[The Fashionable Panda, Panda Too]
Thin ricepaper screens stand in front of the walls, lending the room an exotic air. A trio of pandas tumble through a bamboo forest in several of the panels, but appear to be taking a well-deserved nap in the final panel as they curl together to form a black-and-white mound. Curved to create a circle, tables are set in the middle of the mat covered floor.
Obvious exits: east, south.

On the curved goldenwood table
Item Price Done
pair of aldamalm sandals with soft blue eolienne straps 184,910   !!
pair of iroko sandals with black madun straps 541,200   !!
pair of white alerce sandals with spun rainbow straps 811,800   !!
pair of glitvire sandals with Elven wool 721,600   !!
pair of blue-white mistglass sandals with winterweave straps 270,600   !!
pair of gloomwood sandals with shireli lace straps 586,300   !!
On the curved silverwood table
Item Price Done
sleek shadesatin pants embellished with silveress bands 225,500   !!
alabaster thornweave pants embellished with spun glitter bands 541,200   
onyx jaalmin pants hemmed in violet madun 360,800   !!
westan wool pants hemmed in verdant cire 315,700   !!
dapper winterweave pants tied with a zerarin wool belt 225,500   !!
spun rainbow pants tied with a silverweave belt 225,500   !!

Panda Tree

[The Fashionable Panda, Panda Tree]
Draping silk forms colorful scallops above ricepaper screens set along the walls. Most of the panels depict a calm scene of plum trees, but one is painted with a panda cub wearing a mask as she chases three others as they roll and tumble away. Placed at angles to each other, smoothly polished tables rest upon the bamboo mats used to cover the dull steel floor.
Obvious exits: south, west.

On the polished mistwood table
Item Price Done
polished mistwood wristcuff inset with a viridian spun glitter ribbon 117,260   !!
copper leaf-wrapped amboyna burlwood wristcuff 108,240   !!
lustrous silverwood wristcuff inlaid with a smoky blue jaalmin strip 126,280   !!
polished goldenwood wristcuff set with yellow silk jacquard 90,200   !!
smooth smokewood wristcuff inset with a silverweave strip 243,540   !!
wide flamewood wristcuff channel-set with a goldweave panel 144,320   !!
On the polished silverwood table
Item Price Done
pair of fragile Ilithic applewood hairsticks 90,200   !!
pair of delicate ilomba hairsticks 45,100   !!
pair of thin bocote hairsticks 225,500   !!
pair of slim verdant alerce hairsticks 586,300   !!
pair of narrow albarco hairsticks 45,100   !!
pair of slender pure white spiritwood hairsticks 405,900   
On the polished goldenwood table
Item Price Done
They arrange your hair!
cluster of darkly glimmering midwinter's sickle set upon an icesteel hair-clasp 460,020   !!
solitary thornweave dusk rose loosely furled around a trio of tiny pitch pearls 622,380   !!
slender anlora-avtoma circlet twined with fragile winterweave faesoul 225,500   !!
striking purple zinerelan set with a whirl-cut lightning amethyst at its heart 631,400   !!
delicate spray of spun glitter Ilithic apple blossoms tinted in soft pastel hues 405,900   !!
array of wavy windsteel hairpins surmounted by spun rainbow vela'tohr flowers 315,700   
placed in hair

Panda For You

[The Fashionable Panda, Panda For You]
Several delicate ricepaper wall screens depict nighttime scenes of panda cubs sleeping in seemingly boneless, uncomfortable-looking huddles. A final panel depicts the moons shining down on a lone panda cub in pursuit of a bamboo stalk tied to a string as a second baby panda pulls it away. Centered in the room are long tables of varying woods.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the long goldenwood table
Item Price Done
miniature flamewood panda cub snuggling a goldweave blanket 180,400   !!
miniature smokewood panda cub holding a silverweave handkerchief 387,860   !!
miniature goldenwood panda cub nibbling on a strip of yellow turbaurs 225,500   !!
miniature silverwood panda cub wearing a smoky blue jaalmin loincloth 180,400   !!
miniature amboyna burlwood panda cub brandishing an ivory scalene pillow 225,500   !!
miniature mistwood panda cub tangled up in tiny bolts of black spun glitter 90,200   !!
miniature Ilithian cedar panda cub dressed in delicate turbaurs and silk 315,700   !!
On the long silverwood table
Item Price Done
fuzzy panda cub snuggling a crimson silk blanket 180,400   !!
soft panda cub patting its nose with a plum-colored handkerchief 135,300   !!
fluffy panda cub nibbling on a strip of light yellow turbaurs 225,500   !!
velvety panda cub wearing a dark grey jaalmin loincloth 225,500   !!
fluffy panda cub brandishing a coppery scalene pillow 180,400   !!
velvety panda cub tangled up in tiny bolts of viridian spun glitter 90,200   !!
soft panda cub dressed in delicate turbaurs and silk 270,600   !!