Fangs For the Memory (2)

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Fangs for the Memory
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Fangs For the Memory, Sales Floor]
Streaks of rust run down the metal walls where iron rivets join the sheets of bronze and steel in the arachnid's body. The smell of grease and metal is almost overwhelming, and a low thrum of machinery rumbles the floor beneath your feet. A careless jumble of goods is displayed in this out of the way nook. You also see a low mistwood coffer, a fretwork mahogany tray, a series of brass hooks with some stuff on it, some turned fir pegs with some stuff on it, a carved alabaster hand with some stuff on it, a carved teakwood lion's head with some stuff on it and a low steel door.

In the mistwood coffer
Item Price Done
set of damascene steel claws 6,855   !!
set of silver-edged claws 33,915   !!
set of ruby-inlaid claws 6,855   !!
set of burnished gold claws 15,875   !!
In the mahogany tray
Item Price Done
pair of sharp electrum fangs 31,570   !!
pair of saber-like bone fangs 31,570   !!
pair of upcurved orc fangs 31,570   !!
pair of burnished gold fangs 31,570   !!
pair of shiny copper fangs 31,570   !!
pair of spiraled ivory fangs 902   !!
pair of yellowed fangs 31,570   !!
pair of tarnished metal fangs 31,570   !!
pair of misshapen wax fangs 31,570   !!
pair of blood-red wood fangs 31,570   !!
On the brass hooks
Item Price Done
satin-lined black wool cloak 14,432   !!
twilight-hued spidersilk cloak 14,432   !!
cobweb-grey silk cloak 14,432   No
On the fir pegs
Item Price Done
stark grey braided leather bullwhip 7,216   No
ruby-hafted barbed leather whip 7,216   !!
heavy ox-hide whip 7,216   No
narrow snakeskin whip 7,216   No
On the alabaster hand
Item Price Done
silver and amethyst ring - violet 14,432   !!
gold and citrine ring - yellow 14,432   !!
platinum and sapphire ring - cobalt 14,432   !!
silver and moonstone ring - blue-white 14,432   !!
platinum and ruby ring - blood-hued 14,432   !!
gold and fire opal ring - flame-hued 14,432   !!
gold and emerald ring - viridian 14,432   !!
When worn, your eye color changes to the color of the glowing gem in the ring.
On the teakwood lion's head
Item Price Done
narrow-brim grey felt hat 902   No
plumed crimson silk hat 902   !!
tall black sealskin hat 902   No
gold-braided tricorn hat 902   !!