Boggle Blast (3)

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Boggle Blast (3)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Boggle Blast]
Cheerful paintings of pumpkins decorate the metallic walls, complemented by bright orange origami spheres hanging from the pipes on the open ceiling. In the room's center is a solid glass counter, and three prize boxes are prominently displayed underneath the glass. Set in the room's northern wall are seven doors that are painted black, burgundy, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple. You also see a bucket of pumpkin-colored viscous gloop, a large pumpkin-hued arch and a Gor'Tog pumpkin farmer.

The pumpkin farmer beams at you "Want to try yer luck? It's real easy, all ya gotta do is take the pumpkins and fire them at those pesky little boggles dancing around in the game rooms. If ya get a high enough score, ya win a prize! Right now I'm chargin 200 dokoras to play, just GIVE me the money and I'll get ya set up."


Overview of the Game

Once you give the farmer his money, you are taken to another room with the boggle and some pumpkins. READ SIGN in the room for more details, but you GET PUMPKIN, LOAD SLINGSHOT, and FIRE SLINGSHOT. If you get enough points with your 5 pumpkins, when you return to the foyer the farmer will give you a random prize. The better your score, better the prize. A perfect score is 50, but any score of 30 or higher has a chance of winning a grand prize. There is also a chance when firing the slingshot to have a catastrophic failure which will result in you being hit in the head with the pumpkin instead. While the 1st failure will not be mortal, continued play without receiving healing may lead to death.

The Slings skill is extremely helpful for winning this game from minimizing (possibly removing) the chance to receive a head wound during game play to keeping your scores above 30 so you receive better prizes.




Grand Prizes

These are the prizes you can get when the farmer pulls an orange-colored ticket from the large prize box: