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Means ‘earth sword’ in gamgweth.


Rare, pale purple-tinged silvery metal found deep in Ram Clan territory. Prized for use in armor and weapons by traditionalist Ram Clan Humans.

Auction level material that premiered at Hollow Eve Festival 425 (2017). This metal must be provided for alterations.

Crafting Properties

Hardness Durability Workability Elect Thermal Physical Ductility Capacity Density Value
104 80 25 90 70 45 90 5 6.4 87,500
87,500 Kronars
70,000 Lirums
63,140 Dokoras
87.5 LTBpoints
87.5 Tickets
Hollow Eve Festival 425/Auction, Hollow Eve Task Rewards


ItemSource isRare item
Delicate seashell necklace hung on a braided strand of exotic metalsHollow Eve Festival 436/Auctiontrue
Glossy kiralan calling card dispenser inset with a large royal Zoluren topazHollow Eve Festival 428/Auctiontrue
Heavy telothian fistDrathrok's Duskruin 430/Auctiontrue
Holy water sprinkler of telothian and anloralDrathrok's Duskruin 430/Auctiontrue
Huge starglass cradled in telothian handsHollow Eve Festival 432/Auctiontrue
Miniature repair hammer crafted from flawlessly polished telothianReturn to the Keep 431/Incidental loottrue
Pair of fluted platemail vambraces crafted from resplendent telothianHollow Eve Festival 425/AuctionPlated armor pack embossed with the image of a rearing ramtrue
Rough korograth leather pouch secured with a telothian fistHollow Eve Festival 436/Auctiontrue
Set of encapsulated telothian platemail cuissesHollow Eve Festival 425/AuctionPlated armor pack embossed with the image of a rearing ramtrue
Sinuous telothian katana with an anjisis-capped hiltHollow Eve Festival 425/Auctiontrue
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