Jhanine Dering Cloaks (4)

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Jhanine Dering Cloaks
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Jhanine Dering Cloaks, Sales Floor]
Diffused light radiates from an ornate chandelier that hangs overhead, adding a layer of richness to the silk-draped walls of this luxurious room. Deep jewel-tones pattern the plush carpet that rests under a glossy satinwood table. Polished gold sconces provide a flattering light for the trio of full-length mirrors that occupy one corner. A pair of cloak racks flanks an ebonwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the satinwood table
Item Price Done
spring green linsey-woolsey cloak 4,510   !!
hooded doeskin cloak clasped at the neck by a golden ivy leaf 19,788   !!
hooded cloak of royal blue linen trimmed in golden yellow velvet 12,738   !!
hooded cloak of light blue oceanmist satin trimmed with seed pearls 902,000   !!
hooded cloak of scarlet velvet trimmed in an elaborately stitched braid 26,152   !!
hooded midnight-blue cloak clasped at the neck with a small blue mistglass dagger 22,550   !!
On the teak rack
Item Price Done
amber firesilk robes clasped at the neckline by an enameled pin 81,134   No
cobalt blue cleric's robes belted with a matching duchess satin sash 1,113,970   No
stately cloak of ivory velvet adorned with the crest of the Paladins' Guild 31,570   No
sandy-brown cloak with a frayed hem 3,608   No
short leather cloak dyed in a variety of forest and earth hues 20,846   No
mint green silk robes gathered at the waist by a leather belt 9,020   No
finely tailored cream shadesatin robes embroidered with the crest of the Traders' Guild 451,000   No
bardic blue wool frock coat ornamented by burnished silver lutes 451,000   No
ultramarine satin robes embroidered with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild 18,040   No
On the maple rack
Item Price Done
cobalt-blue cloak ornamented with a gemstone clasp 20,876   No
doeskin battle cloak painted with the crest of the Barbarians' Guild 8,965   No
oilcloth traveling cloak with an enameled crest clasp 20,939   No
dark green silk cloak trimmed in golden embroidery 11,683   No
sweeping silk cloak secured with a crested clasp 10,133   No
unadorned commoner's cloak of brushed grey wool 896   No
cloak of mottled ash grey and deep black silk fastened with a pewter clasp 20,876   No
sueded leather cloak dyed with the crest of the Rangers' Guild 10,142   No
flowing scarlet silk cloak fastened with an ornate clasp 11,225   No
On the walnut stand
Item Price Done
hooded starlight velvet cloak trimmed with tiny crystals 721,600   !!
hooded jaalmin cloak with a circular clasp 721,600   No
russet brocade cloak lined with white satin 9,020   No
pearl-grey wool cloak trimmed with black velvet 9,020   No
ice-blue felt cloak covered with embroidered snowflakes 9,020   No
green oilcloth cloak with an iron clasp 2,706   No
beige canvas cloak with black overstitching on the hems 2,706   No
buff doeskin cloak with vines embroidered along the hem 18,040   !!