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Top Notch
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Winner's Circle

[Top Notch, Winner's Circle]
All of the metallic surfaces are polished to an extraordinary shine, evidence of an eternity spent meticulously erasing every speck of grime. Ostentatious red roses envelop the pipes twisting in and out of the ceiling, and where no flowers rest, a silky layer completes the job. The petals occasionally trickle from above to land on the white carpet, though most are swept to the sides to create a colorful border. A glowing gaethzen arch illuminates the merchandise, the room and the area beyond. You also see silvery velvet-padded pedestal with some stuff on it, a golden velvet-padded pedestal with some stuff on it, a platinum velvet-padded pedestal with some stuff on it and a gleaming metal door.
Obvious exits: none.

* You can pick a vivid crimson cabbage rose for free from atop the pipes in this room.

On the silvery pedestal
Item Price Done
delicate platinum tiara crowned with a cluster of brilliant diamonds 234,520   !!
gleaming gold tiara enhanced with elaborate filigree 117,260   !!
lustrous silver tiara bejeweled with dazzling rubies 33,825   !!
polished bronze tiara embossed with intricate knotwork 11,275   No
shiny brass tiara set with a large multifaceted crystal 4,510   No
platinum crown inlaid with a trio of jewels 180,400   No
gold crown embellished with multicolored diamonds 90,200   No
silver crown replete with elaborate imagery 27,060   No
bronze crown accented with cabochon gemstones 9,020   No
brass crown polished to a superior shine 3,608   No
On the golden pedestal
Item Price Done
Information on: Anlora-avtoma and Oravir
platinum medal affixed with a royal blue ribbon 31,570   No
gold medal affixed with a bright red ribbon 15,785   No
silver medal affixed with a brilliant white ribbon 7,892   No
bronze medal affixed with a vivid yellow ribbon 1,240   No
brass medal affixed with a vibrant green ribbon 518   No
copper medal affixed with a garish purple ribbon 721   No
iron medal affixed with a deep black ribbon 676   No
electrum medal affixed with a dark brown ribbon 45,100   No
anlora-avtoma medal affixed with a soft cream ribbon 21,648   
oravir medal affixed with a stormy grey ribbon 9,922   No
On the platinum pedestal
Item Price Done
slender platinum armlet 45,100   No
burnished gold armlet 18,040   No
matte silver armlet 9,020   No
twisted bronze armlet 6,765   No
wide brass armlet 3,608   No
broad platinum medallion hung from a braided length of mistsilk 144,320   !!
smooth gold medallion hung from a braided length of spidersilk 72,160   No
glossy silver medallion hung from a braided satin cord 13,530   No
pitted bronze medallion hung from a braided leather chain 7,216   No
glinting brass medallion hung from a braided tricolor ribbon 2,255   No

Champion's Corner

[Top Notch, Champion's Corner]
The cleanliness trend spreads to the walls and low ceiling, every inch of which gleams from excessive buffing and burnishing. Shimmering blue ribbons wrap around the curved pipes, and the fluttering ends are left to dangle decoratively overhead. Massive bouquets unfurl in golden urns atop the velvety white carpet, contributing to the veritable bed of rose petals which underlies each footfall. A glowing gaethzen arch sheds light on the merchandise both here and inside the other room. You also see a platinum velvet-padded rack with several things on it, a silvery velvet-padded rack with several things on it and a golden velvet-padded rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

* You can pick a vivid crimson cabbage rose for free from the golden urn in this room.

On the silvery rack
Item Price Done
flawless golden trophy 45,100   No
brushed silver trophy 27,070   No
shining bronze trophy 9,020   No
hammered pewter trophy 4,510   No
carved wooden trophy 902   !!
heavy wooden platter enhanced with elaborate imagery 20,295   No
reflective silver platter with gold-swirled edging 38,335   No
ornate crystal platter inset with bright jewels 56,375   No
rugged iron platter scratched with deep lines 6,539   No
inscribed steel platter accented with basilisk fangs 8,343   No
On the golden rack
Item Price Done
white marble plaque inlaid with ruby hearts 24,805   No
shapely ivory figurine on a circular goldbark base 6,314   No
sculpted carnelian figurine on a plain cedar base 4,510   No
round silver plaque trimmed with faceted jewels 42,845   No
speckled lapis lazuli figurine on a pyramidal sandstone base 5,412   No
stained wooden plaque illustrated with golden paint 6,765   No
squared granite plaque veined with animite 270,600   !!
smooth jade figurine on a squared silver base 7,216   No
glassy obsidian figurine on a sparkling diamondique base 8,118   No
shield-shaped plaque with a border of crossed swords 13,530   No
On the platinum rack
Item Price Done
iron statuette of a fighter raising a sword 1,804   No
copperwood statuette of a hunter aiming a bow 1,804   No
jet statuette of a crouching nondescript figure 1,804   No
coral statuette of a fisherman holding a baited pole 1,804   No
cinnabar statuette of a lancer upon a horse 1,804   No
bejeweled statuette of an overflowing treasure chest 1,804   No
epidote statuette of a crooning diva 1,804   No
sea glass statuette of a schooner atop cresting waves 1,804   No
goldstone statuette of figure raising a tankard 1,804   No
hematite statuette of a grinning figure 1,804   No