Eye Spy (2)

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Eye Spy
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 425
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Eye Spy]
Little more than a closet, this tiny room is lit by what can only charitably called a chandelier -- a simple chain hanging from the ceiling supporting a dirty and chipped lantern. A crooked bookshelf huddles in one of the sharp corners, the top shelf and middle shelf displaying spectacles for sale. A squat table holds several wooden heads that are wearing armored goggles, though several of the other display mannequins must sit on the dusty floor beneath the table for lack of room. You also see a narrow door and a glittering brass chest with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the middle shelf
Item Price Done
pair of strawberry-hued punka leather goggles with two copper buckles 162,360   No
pair of thick goggles with protruding tomiek spider legs 14,430   No
pair of metal-framed goggles 2,000   No
pair of very thick leather goggles 1,100   No
pair of leather goggles with two steel buckles 1,100   No
pair of clouded goggles reinforced with tiny bones 900   No
pair of heavily quilted goggles 700   No
pair of thick goggles with a blue satin rim 700   No
On the top shelf
Item Price Done
pair of thick spectacles with a steel wire frame 1,000   No
pair of thickly framed copper-rimmed spectacles with onyx hinges 1,000   No
pair of thick green spectacles with a large tel'athi frame 11,275   No
pair of aldamdin wire-rimmed spectacles with tomiek hinges 1,000   
pair of thick black spectacles with a large iron frame 1,000   No
pair of thickly framed glaes-rimmed spectacles with pearl hinges 230,010   No
On the brass chest
Item Price Done
pair of thick goggles crafted from goblin vertebrae 10 tickets   No
pair of black goggles with steel buckles 8 tickets   No
pair of silversteel goggles with double leather straps 25 tickets   
pair of armadillo-hide goggles with thick iron buckles 15 tickets   No