Eclectic Eccentric (2)

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The Eclectic Eccentric
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Housing shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops, Shield shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Eclectic Eccentric]
A silk canopy masks the metal ceiling, and candles hung in paper globes beneath it cast merry shadows that seem to frolic along the gauze-draped walls. Mirrored counters crowded with wares and bins of edibles vie for space with various mannequins tucked about the shop.
You also see a gauze curtain studded with twinkling crystals, a glittering rainbow-hued arch and a multicolored beaded doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

In the candy bin
Item Price Done
dirt-flavored lance-shaped lollipop 36   !!
sweat-flavored coin-shaped lollipop 36   !!
blood-flavored shield-shaped lollipop 36   !!
brass-instrument-flavored trumpet-shaped lollipop 36   !!
yak-flavored caravan-shaped lollipop 36   !!
carrion-flavored dagger-shaped lollipop 36   !!
dust-flavored altar-shaped lollipop 36   !!
sulphur-flavored rocket-shaped lollipop 36   !!
char-flavored lightning bolt lollipop 36   !!
medicine-flavored flower-shaped lollipop 36   !!
In the bug bin
Item Price Done
dead fly 7   !!
dead butterfly 7   !!
dead spider 7   !!
dead centipede 7   !!
dead ant 7   !!
dead cockroach 7   !!
dead beetle 7   !!
dead cricket 7   !!
On the mirrored counter
Item Price Done
small horse-shaped sign attached to a leather cord 586   !!
small sign that reads "Nothing Special" 586   !!
taxidermied cat 1,398   !!
thick-walled mortar of pumpkin-orange carnelian 676   
vine-shaped pestle of orange-tipped green chalcedony 496   
thick old bottle of faintly purple-tinted glass 180   !!
hard maple rolling pin 721   
large pinecone 67   
stone pestle carved in the shape of a clenched fist 1,082   
large decorative bowl enameled with patterns of swirling snowflakes against treetops 54,120   !!
bronze torque dangling long slender crocus buds tipped with amethysts and citrines 36,080   !!
extravagant quill topped with an ostentatiously curly pink plume 405   !!
small round shield emblazoned with a smiling face 1,353   !!
On the strutting mannequin
Item Price Done
woolen mittens with a string tied between them 67   No
upside-down flower pot 225   No
rainbow-striped suspenders 429   !!
knitted tea cozy 45   No
plain brown trousers cut to come halfway up the chest 144   No
On the stomping mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of muck boots 451   No
woolly lambskin tail warmer 1,353   No
lacy black tail garter 1,533   No
pink quilted dressing gown 270   !!
pair of round glasses with a beaded neck chain 811   No
flowered nightcap with lacy edges 270   !!
coffee mug emblazoned with "TOO EARLY" 1,082   No
On the swaggering mannequin
Item Price Done
pink ostrich-leather riding boots with silver spurs and ornate buckles 90,200   !!
loincloth 451   !!
tan trenchcoat 22,550   !!!!
fluffy white feather boa 1,353   !!
black leather eyemask 31,570   No
broad-brimmed black hat 902   No
On the fish heads
Item Price Done
tan fishing hat festooned with colorful lures 4 Tickets   No
khaki fishing hat 4 Tickets   No
olive fishing hat with neck cape 4 Tickets   No
billed fishing cap 4 Tickets   !!
Price in TICKETS!!!

[The Eclectic Eccentric, Furniture]
This room is heavily draped from ceiling to floor with plush black cloth. Here and there tiny rhinestones twinkle in the light of a faceted gaezthen globe hanging from the ceiling, suggesting a night sky. Small paw or hand prints atop the globe seem to have come from a creature of some sort, currently absent.
You also see a gauze curtain studded with twinkling crystals and a wide-eyed clerk.
Obvious exits: none.

Item Price Done
scattered pet toys - [floor cover] 15,000   !!
mat of accumulated pet fur - [floor cover] 20,000   !!
polished maple floor criscrossed with muddy paw prints - [floor] 50,000   !!
scratching post - [table] 15,000   !!
cluttered worktable filled with various unfinished projects - [table] 30,000   !!
homemade shrine crowded with tiny religious figurines - [table] 90,000   !!
deluxe catbox - [table] 15,000   !!
framed collection of fishing flies - [wall hanging] 25,000   !!
overflowing to-do list - [wall hanging] 10,000   !!
elaborate wall-mounted pet playground - [wall hanging] 25,000   !!
collection of tiny pet portraits - [wall hanging] 80,000   !!

[The Eclectic Eccentric, Housing]
A trio of graceful mannequins are poised in an airy dance. One has arms outstretched and face turned upward like a tree worshiping the sun. Another is swept over sideways in a dramatic arc, gauzy tunic stenciled with green lines like grasses waving on a windswept knoll. The third balances between them, knee bent in a pirouette and hands raised to shape a house's roof overhead.
You also see a glittering rainbow-hued arch.
Obvious exits: none.

On the tree mannequin
Item Price Done
long streamers of white paper 12,628   !!
assorted forgotten projects 12,628   
flourishing kudzu 12,628   !!
hundreds of tiny mobiles 12,628   !!
fallen branches 12,628   !!
On the house mannequin
Item Price Done
REHEARSAL HERE sign 12,628   !!
assorted hobby horses 12,628   
tangle of obscuring vines 12,628   !!
overgrown hedge 12,628   !!
pet cemetery 12,628   !!
rampant herb garden 12,628   !!
profusion of lawn statuary 12,628   !!
way too many pink flamingos 12,628   !!
GONE FISHING sign 12,628   !!
On the knoll mannequin
Item Price Done
flourishing mushrooms 12,628   !!
foraging hens 12,628   !!
raspberry brambles 12,628   !!
hitching post 12,628   !!
elaborate bird house 12,628   !!