Disenchantments (4)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Food shops, Miscellaneous shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Drapes of matte black silk covering the walls give this small shop a somber, reflective feel. A large tub of viscous gloop is pushed up against one wall with a bold plaque above it. On the opposite wall hangs a battered board set with what seems to have once been a drawing, now slashed to pieces with several pointy implements protruding from it. A small red sign is propped up by the implements, further obscuring the picture's former content.
You also see a smooth shelf with several things on it, an exit door, a padded bench with several things on it, an ebony table with several things on it and a small box.
Obvious exits: none.

On the smooth shelf
Item Price Done
chunk of exquisite chocolate 20   !!
rich double brownie fudge sundae 20   !!
Elothean chocolate truffle 13   !!
A note reads:
"On these shelves lays another choice of remedies for broken hearts and broken dreams. You may cast aside the pain and indulge in pleasure, albeit fleeting. Seize life fully!"
On the padded bench
Item Price Done
large hex bag stitched with crude symbols 8,118   !!
large remembrance bag decorated by an assortment of charms 8,118   No
vibrant red charm bag tied to an amulet-strewn cord 9,020   No
bone-beaded hex bag dangling yellowed bird skulls 6,314   !!
featureless poppet crafted from raw cotton 451   No
roughspun doll with a sewn-shut mouth and missing eyes 451   No
miniature crystal vial labeled "tears" 451   !!
snake-incised stone 451   No
small piece of tattered cloth 451   No
gold-tipped tooth 451   No
twisted heart fashioned from dark scarlet cloth 451   No
small dried black heart 451   !!
desiccated eyeball 451   No
molded and decaying finger 451   No
festering tongue stuck with several rusted nails 451   No
miniature brass key 451   No
pair of tiny clay figurines tied together with red silk cords 451   No
clump of matted hair 451   No
A small card reads:
"And this choice is my last to present to you, kindred soul. You are now free by design or by fate. What you choose to hold within you is yours only to say. These bags and these tokens manifest your hopes or your hatred, your pain or your remembrance."

On the ebony table
Item Price Done
fused-shut locket hanging from a simple chain 2,255   No
silk choker with a golden shrew pendant 1,353   No
mourning band stitched with the phrase "Never Again" 360   No
angular iron heart pin 631   No
dark mourning band stitched with a bleeding heart 360   No
jagged throwing dagger with a fossilized heart set into the pommel 2,255   No
thorn-shaped nose spike with a ruby point 9,148   No
blood-red heart pin split by a jagged crevice 1,082   No
fragile bat wing bone amulet strung upon a silver chain 9,020   !!
soft black willow wood amulet engraved with the image of an intricate knot 9,020   !!
In the small box
Item Price Done
bone white handkerchief embroidered with negeri blossoms 451   No
delicate lace-edged handkerchief dyed in shades of grey 451   No
sanguine handkerchief edged in blackwork embroidery 451   No
ivory linen handkerchief 135   !!
stained cotton handkerchief 90   !!