Sindah's Silk Sensations (3)

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Sindah's Silk Sensations
Event Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Sindah
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras


[Sindah's Silk Sensations, Showroom]
Partially concealing the drab walls and ceiling, colorful banners of translucent silk flutter in the slightest breeze. Piled high with bolts of cloth, a brushed steel table has been bolted to the unadorned metal floor.
You also see a silkscreened door, a dress rack with several things on it, a bodice display with several things on it, a door, a low shelf with several things on it, a long shelf with several things on it and a shirt display with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the dress rack
Item Price Done
dusky blue Elothean silk dress overlaid with black lace 45,100   !!
viridian thornweave dress with a rich amber marblesilk bodice 63,140   !!
shimmering teal mistsilk dress trimmed with frothy silver lace 90,200   !!
ivory Musparan silk dress accented with copper and russet swirls 63,140   !!
long grey jaspe dress belted with knotwork-patterned cyan cire 45,100   !!
pale blue Elven silk dress overlaid with frost-white lace 63,140   !!
rich burgundy spidersilk dress trimmed with charcoal bands 45,100   !!
champagne-hued Velakan linen dress 135,300   !!
topaz spidersilk dress laced with walnut-brown leather 45,100   !!
vivid violet nightsilk dress with black knotwork embroidery 90,200   !!
On the bodice display
Item Price Done
vivid violet nightsilk bodice 45,100   !!
topaz spidersilk bodice trimmed with dark leather 45,100   !!
burgundy spidersilk bodice with charcoal accents 45,100   !!
pale blue Elven silk bodice 45,100   !!
deep blue spidersilk bodice with black Elothean lace sleeves 45,100   !!
rich amber marblesilk bodice 45,100   !!
blue-grey mistsilk bodice trimmed with silver satin 45,100   !!
iridescent cyan cire bodice with grey jaspe straps 45,100   !!
rich copper Musparan silk bodice 45,100   !!
On the low shelf
Item Price Done
black cashmere skirt accented with violet nightsilk 45,100   !!
tailored walnut-brown leather skirt 45,100   !!
charcoal grey cashmere skirt 45,100   !!
silvery-white lace skirt 45,100   !!
viridian thornweave skirt flared with amber marblesilk godets 45,100   !!
shimmering skirt of pastel mistsilk scarves 45,100   !!
twilight-hued spidersilk skirt trimmed with fragile black lace 45,100   !!
shadowy grey jaspe skirt brightened with cyan cire godets 45,100   !!
ivory Musparan silk skirt accented with autumnal ribbons 45,100   !!
On the long shelf
Item Price Done
black cashmere pants trimmed in vivid violet nightsilk 45,100   !!
walnut-brown leather trousers with topaz spidersilk piping 45,100   !!
charcoal cashmere pants accented with burgundy silk 45,100   !!
pale blue silk pants accented with white silk 45,100   !!
russet Musparan silk pants 45,100   !!
viridian thornweave pants 45,100   !!
dark grey mistsilk pants 45,100   !!
grey jaspe pants embellished with cyan cire 45,100   !!
dark blue spidersilk pants with black embroidery 45,100   !!
On the brushed steel table
Item Price Done
length of black zibeline fabric 18,040   !!
length of blue turbaurs fabric 631,400   !!
length of tan thornweave fabric 451,000   !!
length of spun glitter fabric 270,600   !!
length of cobalt scalene fabric 451,000   !!
length of red marquisette fabric 270,600   !!
length of amethyst jaspe fabric 225,500   !!
length of scarlet jaalmin fabric 315,700   !!
length of gemfire velvet fabric 631,400   !!
length of emerald cire fabric 225,500   !!
length of dark bloodlace fabric 360,800   !!
On the shirt display
Item Price Done
fine dress shirt of topaz-hued spidersilk 45,100   !!
burgundy spidersilk shirt with charcoal accents 45,100   !!
frost-white Elven silk shirt 45,100   !!
loose-fitting ivory Musparan silk shirt 45,100   !!
blue-green mistsilk shirt front-laced with teal cord 45,100   !!
vivid firesilk shirt front-laced with nightsilk cords 45,100   !!
smooth cyan cire shirt trimmed with silver knotwork 45,100   !!
light amber marblesilk shirt 45,100   !!
open-necked black Elothean silk shirt 45,100   !!


[Sindah's Silks, Workroom]
Brightly painted lengths of blue silk hang haphazardly on the walls in an attempt to cover the dull metal. Placed at the back of the room is a solid workbench of polished steel. Conveniently set near the work area is a pair of oversized wooden stools. You also see a silkscreened door.
Obvious exits: none.

Scintillating Shinies

[Sindah's Silk Sensations, Scintillating Shinies]
Pale silver wisps of silk flutter from the dulled steel ceiling, creating a ghostly backdrop for the colorful goods lining the walls. An exotic blend of lightly floral perfumes wafts about the area, seeming to emanate from the silken decorations themselves. You also see a counter with a couple of things on it, a silk-wrapped table with several things on it and a long shelf with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the jewelry stand (which is on a counter)
Item Price Done
woven gold anklet featuring a gleaming Idon's sapphire 766,700   !!
hammered silver wristcuff set with a cabochon stormfire topaz 721,600   !!
cushion-cut stormfire topaz pendant on a slim platinum chain 992,200   !!
platinum ring set with a polished Idon's sapphire 902,000   !!
On the ring tray (which is on a counter)
Item Price Done
golden wedding band channel-set with tiny forest's heart garnets 360,800   !!
platinum wedding band channel-set with tiny violet's heart amethysts 405,900   !!
silver wedding band channel-set with tiny summer's heart sapphires 338,250   !!
platinum wedding band channel-set with tiny lion's heart topazes 405,900   !!
golden wedding band channel-set with tiny volcano's heart citrines 360,800   !!
On the silk-wrapped table
Item Price Done
black leather belt with vivid violet nightsilk accents 18,040   !!
topaz spidersilk belt edged with braided leather 18,040   !!
leather belt with burgundy spidersilk accents 18,040   !!
leather belt with blue Elothean silk accents 18,310   !!
leather belt with ivory Musparan silk accents 18,040   !!
leather belt with silver mistsilk accents 18,491   !!
amber marblesilk belt edged with braided leather 18,040   
grey leather belt with cyan cire accents 18,040   !!
leather belt with ice-blue Elven silk accents 27,060   !!
On the long shelf
Item Price Done
white Elven silk duffel bag beaded with icy blue crystals 74,866   !!
cyan cire duffel bag with a braided grey jaspe strap 72,160   !!
amber marblesilk duffel bag with a viridian thornweave strap 76,670   
teal mistsilk duffel bag trimmed in silver 72,160   !!
copper Musparan silk duffel bag fettered with ivory toggles 72,160   !!
black Elothean silk duffel bag edged in blue 78,474   !!
braided charcoal and burgundy spidersilk duffel bag 72,160   !!
wooden-framed topaz spidersilk duffel bag 72,160   !!
vivid violet nightsilk duffel bag swirled with ebon embroidery 72,160   !!

Sumptuous Sundries

[Sindah's Silk Sensations, Sumptuous Sundries]
Flimsy panels of variegated watered silks cover the metal walls, resembling a rainbow against a steel-grey sky as the soft hues bleed into one another. Plush, pale grey carpeting stretches from colorful wall to colorful wall, its tufted pile soft as clouds. You also see a wardrobe, a coat rack with several things on it, a shoe stand with several things on it, a sandal display with several things on it, a narrow bench with several things on it and a stack of boxes with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

In the wardrobe
Item Price Done
black cashmere cloak lined with violet nightsilk 72,160   No
walnut-brown leather cloak 72,160   No
charcoal cashmere cloak lined in burgundy silk 72,160   No
pale silver Elven silk cloak 72,160   !!
viridian thornweave cloak lined with amber marblesilk 72,160   !!
lustrous cyan cire cloak lined with grey jaspe 72,160   No
black hooded cloak crafted from fine Elothean silk 72,160   No
elegant hooded cloak tailored from russet suede 72,160   No
teal mistsilk cloak with grey leather ties 72,160   
On the coat rack
Item Price Done
regal black cashmere longcoat with a vivid violet nightsilk lining 72,160   !!
walnut-brown leather longcoat with a topaz spidersilk lining 72,160   No
elegant tan Elven wool longcoat with a cream spidersilk lining 76,670   !!
dashing charcoal cashmere longcoat with a burgundy spidersilk lining 72,160   No
dark green cashmere longcoat with an Elven silk lining 135,300   No
tailored dusky blue cashmere longcoat lined with black Elothean silk 73,964   No
fine russet cashmere longcoat with an ivory Musparan silk lining 73,964   No
fitted blue-green cashmere longcoat with a teal mistsilk lining 76,670   No
striking viridian thornweave longcoat with an amber marblesilk lining 74,866   No
grey jaspe longcoat lined with cyan cire 81,180   No
stately ice-blue cashmere longcoat with a stark white Elven silk lining 135,300   !!
On the shoe stand
Item Price Done
pair of black leather dress shoes with violet accents 18,040   No
pair of walnut-brown leather shoes 18,040   No
pair of charcoal leather shoes 18,040   No
pair of dark grey leather shoes 18,491   No
pair of grey leather dress shoes 27,060   No
pair of polished amber leather shoes 18,130   !!
pair of warm brown leather shoes 18491   No
pair of black leather shoes 18,400   No
pair of white leather shoes 27,060   No
On the sandal display
Item Price Done
vivid violet silk sandals 18,040   No
topaz spidersilk sandals 18,040   No
burgundy silk sandals 18,040   !!
ivory Musparan silk sandals 18,040   No
teal mistsilk sandals 18,040   No
grey jaspe sandals 18,040   No
deep blue Elothean silk sandals 18,040   !!
rich amber marblesilk sandals 18,040   !!
pale blue Elven silk sandals 18,040   No
On the narrow bench
Item Price Done
pair of walnut-brown leather boots with topaz spidersilk laces 18,040   No
pair of black leather boots with nightsilk laces 18,040   !!
high-heeled violet nightsilk slippers 18,040   !!
high-heeled topaz spidersilk slippers 18,040   !!
pair of charcoal leather boots with burgundy laces 18,040   No
high-heeled burgundy silk slippers 18,040   !!
pair of white leather boots with ice-blue laces 18,040   No
high-heeled pale blue silk slippers 18,040   !!
On the stack of boxes
Item Price Done
high-heeled ivory silk slippers 18,040   No
high-heeled grey mistsilk slippers 18,040   No
low-heeled viridian thornweave slippers 18,040   No
high-heeled dusky blue slippers 18,040   !!
pair of copper and russet suede boots 18,040   No
high-heeled cyan cire slippers 18,040   No
pair of grey leather and cire boots 18,040   No
pair of burnished leather and thornweave boots 18,040   !!
pair of black leather boots laced with dusky blue cords 18,040   No
pair of storm-grey leather boots 18,040   No