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Unknown creature.jpg
Relative Level 55-60
Skill Cap ? to ?
Skinnable No
Has Coins No
Has Gems No
Has Boxes No
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct Yes
Backstabbable Unknown
Casts Spells Yes
Attack Range Unknown
Stealthy Yes
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses Yes


Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown


The starcrasher resembles an unfortunate cross between a ten-legged arachnid and a colorful starfish, though it moves like neither. Its integument looks fibrous and prismatic, coaxing your eyes to slide off every time they try to get a fix.


Native to the Plane of Probability, the starcrashers and starlight harbingers are lesser incarnations of physics. Like most interlopers from that plane, their usual method of interaction is violent and inexplicably hostile. You have heard of such creatures occasionally keeping company with Traders and Moon Mages. Despite its expected hostility, this particular starcrasher's maddened behavior is quite extraordinary, almost... Elanthian in a way. You think it may be susceptible to forbidden Teleologic Sorcery.

They are known to cast Telekinetic Storm, Moongate, and Starcrash.


  • 'Maddened' starcrashers must be uncursed before mundane weapons or spells will work against them. High sorcery spells will still be effective, even against the maddened.
  • They're currently considered constructs for empaths using mundane weapons, but this is a bug that will be fixed.
  • Empaths can manipulate them, but they will not attack each other.
  • Only drops ores as nuggets or bars
  • Will madden, which makes them immune to all attacks except some high sorcery spells. Must be uncursed to be attackable again.
  • Will spawn invisible. No problem seeing them with 270 perception.


  • A tiny starcrasher spins violently, swinging its legs from side to side!
  • A tiny starcrasher bends its legs into an angular, arcane gesture.
  • Bright points with luminous tails are strewn across the evening sky, falling.
  • Bruised probability about a tiny maddened starcrasher causes your spell pattern to cease being a pattern, devoid of meaning and power.
  • Your sorcery exploits the bruised probability and threads every corner of the maddened starcrasher's being with your iron will.
  • A tiny starcrasher decomposes into indistinct contours that become part of the environment.

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