PrEcIouS DeLigHtS (2)

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PrEcIouS DeLigHtS
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Iszanua
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Toy shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras


[PrEcIouS DeLigHtS]
Dark, grey metallic plating covered with rust-colored stains makes up the floor of this cramped, narrow room. A pile of wooden crates makes up the western wall, giving the room the feel of a hallway turned into a room. Stretching high overhead, the ceiling above is poorly lit by flickering lights, casting sporadic shadows over everything. You also see a dark steel table with several things on it, a narrow shelf with several things on it, a thin iron door and a stained rug with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the dark steel table
Item Price Done
garish Rekave doll 902   !!
sour-faced Inyasa doll 902   No
serene Niloa doll 902   No
stern Aemmin doll 902   No
fragile Arilana doll 902   No
smiling Arkisyela doll 902   !!
scowling Maghana doll 902   !!
grumpy Tiv doll 902   No
wild-eyed Iszanua doll 902   No
On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
unadorned Akul'tiz doll 451   No
zebra-striped Akul'tiz doll 451   No
moth-tattooed Akul'tiz doll 451   No
Akul'tiz nightblade doll 451   No
Akul'tiz shadow witch doll 451   No
fierce wyvern doll 451   No
bone wyvern doll 451   No
frightened Inkhorne doll 451   No
Adan'f blood warrior doll 451   No
Adan'f spirit dancer doll 451   No
On the stained rug
Item Price Done
folded origami doll 451   No
fuzzy jaguar doll 451   !!
confused goblin doll 451   No
wide-eyed kobold doll 451   No
grey rock troll doll 451   No
silverfish doll 451   No
angry fire drake doll 451   No
silver leucro doll 451   No
tiny sky giant doll 451   No


Crates are stacked floor to ceiling in this narrow hall, blocking the path west. A small space similar to a child's fort is made from the wooden boxes, marred on the inside with childlike scrawlings done in colorful displays that depict macabre scenes of death and battlefields. Tucked into the corner is a broken doll, its limbs torn off at the sides and its head missing. You also see an elegant scrap of carpet with several things on it, a filthy rug with several things on it, a rusty steel skippet with several things on it and a shattered crate with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the elegant scrap of carpet
Item Price Done
deep green female Gor'Tog doll with a muscular build and athletic arms 4,510   No
ceramic female Dwarf doll with a full beard and her hair worn loose 4,510   No
fluffy female Prydaen doll with her mane styled in a long braid 4,510   No
porcelain female Halfling doll with her hair styled in a mass of curls 4,510   No
earthenware female Kaldar doll with an athletic build and intense eyes 4,510   No
metallic female Gnome doll held together with silvery rivets 4,510   No
elegant female Adan'f doll with smooth black scales 4,510   No
fuzzy female Rakash doll in full moonskin 4,510   No
snakeskin female S'Kra Mur doll with shimmering scales and a slender snout 4,510   No
porcelain female Elothean doll with a serene expression on her face 4,510   No
ceramic female Human doll with long dark brown hair and a slender figure 4,510   No
porcelain female Elf doll with waist-length hair braided into an elaborate five-strand style 4,510   !!
On the filthy rug
Item Price Done
ceramic male Dwarf doll with a braided beard and a stocky build 4,510   No
snakeskin S'Kra Mur doll with a square snout and dark scales 4,510   No
short-furred Prydaen doll with a short mane and long curving tail 4,510   No
earthenware male Kaldar doll with a muscular build and short windswept hair 4,510   No
elegant male Adan'f doll with black scales and a sinuous build 4,510   No
ceramic male Rakash doll with short hair and pale skin 4,510   No
porcelain male Elf doll with his long hair pulled into a ponytail 4,510   No
porcelain male Halfling doll holding a fistful of taffelberries 4,510   No
deep green male Gor'Tog doll posed into a fighting stance 4,510   !!
metallic male Gnome doll held together with steel rivets 4,510   No
porcelain male Elothean doll with short greying hair 4,510   No
ceramic male Human doll with short blond hair and an athletic build 4,510   No
On the rusty steel skippet
Item Price Done
pair of silver doll slippers crafted from lustrous satin 1,443   !!
fine grey silk doll scarf with tied rope frills on both ends 1,172   No
floor-length satin doll robe with long belled sleeves 1,443   No
thin silver doll necklace hung with a small teardrop crystal 1,804   No
doll sundress knit from flower-printed cotton yarn 721   No
elegant silver doll gown trimmed with Elven lace 2,255   !!
small spidersilk doll bonnet tied with white ribbons 1,804   No
ruffled linen doll blouse with finely ironed creases 902   !!
lightly flared doll skirt silk-screened with a repeating flower pattern 902   !!
pair of black doll shoes with bright silver buckles 1,353   !!
On the shattered crate
Item Price Done
sturdy linen doll trousers stitched with white ivy vines 902   No
pure white doll hat with a gold-trimmed brim 721   No
wide leather doll belt set with a small silver buckle 721   No
pair of rough suede doll boots stitched with crossed swords 1,082   No
pair of leather doll trousers stitched with sinew up the sides 902   No
grey spidersilk doll cloak embroidered with a snow-capped mountain 3,608   No
fine leather doll robe embroidered with stars and moons 902   !!
raw silk doll tunic dyed with deep red hues 721   No
brown leather doll boots with steel-capped toes 992   No
thin satin doll cape edged with golden trimming 2,255   No

Containers and Dolls

[PrEcIOUs DeLIghTs]
Long claw marks mar the metallic walls of this narrow hallway, revealing newer silvery metal beneath the blackened steel. Blocking the passage east is a crude barrier made of chairs and overturned tables, tangled together in a mesh of steel and wood. Crudely covering the ensemble is a woolen blanket with a giant smiling doll painted on it. You also see a small linen cot with several things on it, a small metal table with several things on it and an ironwood carton with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the small linen cot
Item Price Done
plush brocade kitten doll with an orange and black tiger-striped patten 3,608   No
overstuffed teddy bear doll with thick brown fur and blue glass eyes 3,608   No
snarling leucro doll with crystal strands of dried drool on its snout 9,020   No
fierce dragon doll with deep red scales streaked with slashes of dark gold 2,706   No
understuffed monkey doll with floppy arms and wide ears 2,706   No
grey wolfskin puppy doll with floppy ears and dark glass eyes 1,804   No
soft cotton rabbit doll with a tawny body and white belly 1,804   No
floppy-armed rag doll with a red felt smile and dark brown yarn hair 902   No
small black and white panda doll with pink paw pads and crystal blue eyes 4,510   No
bright yellow duck doll with an orange bill and webbed feet 2,706   No
On the small metal table
Item Price Done
polished ebonwood doll case set with a polished silver lock 4,510   No
finely stitched spidersilk doll sack embroidered with a small teddy bear 451   No
rusted iron doll case sealed at the edges with pockmarked iron rivets 451   No
ironwood doll case branded with an elaborate knot of ivy 3,608   !!
silver satin doll sack silkscreened with a repeating pattern of flying shrikes 2,255   No
polished witchclaw doll case stained with a scraggly tree outline 6,314   No
smooth spidersilk doll sack lined on the interior with dark blue velvet 9,020   !!
green satin doll sack embroidered with small white daisies 2,706   No
grey leather doll sack decorated with a rainbow of tiny glass beads 6,314   !!
polished platinum doll case with a heart-shaped golden lock 9,020   No
On the ironwood carton
Item Price Done
bright-eyed worry doll with outstretched arms 1,804   No
spidersilk worry doll crafted to resemble a bottle of tequila 7,216   No
lion-shaped worry doll with a fluffy mane and tiny round ears 2,706   No
fine satin worry doll crafted to resemble a blossoming vela'tohr plant 1,804   No
shrike-shaped worry doll with a curved onyx beak 2,706   No
walrus-shaped worry doll with long cotton-stuffed incisors 2,706   No
plush velvet worry doll dressed like an angry clown with razor-sharp teeth 2,706   No
owl-shaped worry doll with ruffled feathers and half-closed eyes 2,706   !!