Hair Apparent (4)

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Hair Apparent
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Cambrinth shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Sales Floor

[Hair Apparent, Sales Floor]
Lush velvet panels cover the walls and ceiling of the room, while thick carpets cover the floors, dampening the sound of any footsteps. Simple lanterns illuminate the wares, the scented oil within them permeating the area with heady spice notes. You also see the exit, a velvet-lined shelf with several things on it, a squared pedestal with several things on it, a fabric-draped counter with several things on it, a gilt-edged display with several things on it, a low bench with several things on it and a guarded nook.
Obvious exits: none.

gilt-edged display
Item Price Done
web of atulave beadwork strung upon platinum filaments 360,800   !!
lightning-etched silver haircomb crested by a cluster of preserved negeri blossoms 270,600   !!
wide firestained lumium haircomb 360,800   !!
pair of crossed tomiek daggers 360,800   !!
long darkstone hairsticks dangling shimmering negerat from slender chains 1,804,000   !!
fabric-draped counter
Item Price Done
knotted pieces of fishing line 180   !!
large bent corkscrew 1,804   !!
ripped and fraying boot laces 180   !!
pieces of a broken yardstick 270   
rusty steel spatula 451   !!
low bench
Item Price Done
orichalcum footbrush decorated with an ewys pattern 766,700   !!
iron footbrush wrought to resemble an worn shoe 4,510   !!
enameled footbrush shaped like an overstuffed tart 225,500   !!
carved purpleheart footbrush with a leather-wrapped handle 9,020   !!
carved moabi heartwood footbrush aged to a deep reddish brown 9,020   !!
squared pedestal
Item Price Done
leaf-cut absinthe emeralds 541,200   !!
silvery stars 4,510   !!
bone slivers 1,804   !!
pieces of mountain agate 2,818   !!
tiny merlot rubies 541,200   !!
A simple parchment reads:
"The items on this stand are intended for the fur of the Prydaen. I'm afraid they just don't stay put on anything else."
velvet-lined shelf
Item Price Done
cluster of mismatched amulets bound together with cords 9,020   !!
some pliant sinew lacing 180   
set of tomiek orb spiders linked by silken webbing 451,000   !!
whimsical unicorns dangling spun-glitter streamers 27,060   !!
several iroko bars in differing shades 144,320   !!
A small card reads:
"The items on this shelf are made to go in one's beard. I'm afraid they just don't stay attached anywhere else."

Guarded Nook

[Hair Apparent, Guarded Nook]
Swathes of silk decorate one section of this small space, while the other is adorned with fine leather. A single gaethzen orb casts a steady glow upon displayed wares from within its protective cage atop an ivory column that serves to further punctuate the even visual division of the area. You also see a mirror stand with several things on it, a tyrium plinth with several things on it and the sales floor.
Obvious exits: none.

On the mirror stand
Item Price Done
incarnadine mirror - Your incarnadine hair is... 315,700   !!
scarlet mirror - Your scarlet hair is... 315,700   !!
blood red mirror - Your blood red hair is... 315,700   !!
niveous mirror - Your niveous hair is... 315,700   !!
wheaten mirror - Your wheaten hair is... 315,700   !!
argent mirror - Your argent hair is... 315,700   
cinereous mirror - Your cinereous hair is... 315,700   !!
void black mirror - Your void black hair is... 315,700   !!
celadon mirror - Your celadon hair is... 315,700   !!
virid mirror - Your virid hair is... 315,700   !!
aubergine mirror - Your aubergine hair is... 315,700   
lilac mirror - Your lilac hair is... 315,700   !!
azure mirror - Your azure hair is... 315,700   
cobalt mirror - Your cobalt hair is... 315,700   !!
opalescent mirror - Your opalescent hair is... 315,700   !!
A card reads:
"The mirrors on this stand can permanently change the color of your hair to that of the mirror, though you actually have to have hair for their magic to work on you."
The resulting hair color on use will exactly match the color of the mirror
On the tyrium plinth
Item Price Done
series of cambrinth chains dangling droplets of gloamstone 703,889   !!
cambrinth fireflies bejeweled with tiny molten-core diamonds 839,183   !!
set of interlocking cambrinth vertebrae 162,720   !!
multitude of cambrinth hairpins 162,720   !!
slender cord strung with cambrinth carvings 162,720   !!
large cambrinth haircomb 162,720   !!
long cambrinth hairsticks 162,720   !!
semi-circular cambrinth clasps 162,720   !!
elongated cambrinth spikes 162,720   !!
murder of cambrinth crows 162,720   !!