Eternal Moments (2)

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Eternal Moments
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Cinen
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras


[Eternal Moments, Hallway]
Velvet drapes obscure the southern wall, leaving the northern one with detailed portraits fully on display. A small table holds a tray filled with bottles of spring water, which are placed next to a line of chairs. Velvet curtains lead west into a subdued exhibit, while to the east is a well-lit showroom. You also see an elegantly carved door.
Obvious exits: west, east.

  • note: magic is allowed in this room.
On the small table
Item Price Done
bottled spring water in a large bucket of ice 0   !!

Fine Exhibit

[Eternal Moments, Fine Exhibit]
Several overstuffed leather couches line the room, making it rather comfortable and inviting. A number of large oil paintings are hung on the walls, each one showing exquisite detail. Twin lamps hang from the ceiling, carefully crafted to direct their light onto the paintings. A low walnut coffee table filled with a few smaller wares sits in the center of the room, a simple gaethzen orb illuminating its glass center from below.
Obvious exits: east, west.

  • note: magic is allowed in this room.
On the coffee table
Item Price Done
red-tinted glass globe set in a mountain-shaped base of carved platinum 162,360   No
shadowy glass globe set in the clutches of a large onyx claw 234,520   No
softly glazed glass globe set in an ornately carved rosewood base 252,560   No
small crystal globe set in an animite base carved with intricate filigree 1,804,000   No
ornate crystal globe set in a bowl-shaped base of polished Xibar-hued marble 162,360   No
lightly etched glass globe set in an intricate sandstone base 198,440   No
On the off-white walls
Item Price Done
shadowy oil painting of a Kaldar paladin and an Elven ranger in a dark forest - Her body thrown over the corpse of a nightmarish animal with cloven hooves and wide leathern wings, the willowy ranger appears to be weeping inconsolably, her bow laid down nearby. The armor-clad paladin holds his fist to his face in an expression of anger and regret, a bloodied sword and cracked soulstone discarded on the ground in front of him. Between the trees of the woods, numerous red eyes have been painted. Many of them seem eager and hungry, though it is unclear exactly what they belong to. There appears to be something written on it. A shadowy oil painting reads: "Evil is not always what it seems to be." 703,560   No
detailed oil painting of sprawling merchant streets in a large desert city - The streets are filled with people of all races, both buyers and sellers filling the streets. Carts are set out with steaming food. Large store windows are set out with a vast array of wares for sale, from bottles of perfume to intricate carvings to fine jewelry. A swirling dust storm is depicted in the sky overhead, throwing off waves of intricate colors. In one corner of the painting, a dark-scaled S'Kra Mur in a hooded cloak runs out of a shop, an angry shopkeeper waving his fist at the offender. There appears to be something written on it. A detailed oil painting reads: "Riches in Desolation -- The Trade City of Muspar'i" 856,900   No
wide oil painting of a barefoot girl seated by a lazily flowing river - Dressed in a simple blue knee-length dress, the human girl sits on a large flat rock at the edge of the water, her tangled brown hair pulled over one shoulder. Leaning forward, her fingertips skim the river's surface, sending ripples through the slow water. Though her face is rather plain with brown eyes and freckles, her reflection in the water holds a glamorous, ethereal beauty. There appears to be something written on it. A wide oil painting reads: "Tell Her that She's Pretty" 721,600   No
large oil portrait of a berserking Gor'Tog barbarian - Large enough to be nearly life-sized, the portrait shows the barbarian crouched with a large blade drawn. Dressed in thick chain armor, he wears a snarl on his face. Thin wisps of flame enshroud his body, his muscles on his arms and legs budging as he flexes. A broken trail of corpses lies in the barbarian's wake, each stained with fresh blood as if they had just fallen. Staring forward with fury-filled eyes, the Gor'Tog seems to be scanning for his next target. A large oil portrait reads: "The Power of Rage" 721,600   No
detailed oil painting depicting a bustling street in front of a large bank - A large throng of people of every race and size has crowded in front of the building, which is marked with a picture of a smiling Dwarf. Merchants shout while hawking their wares, holding up fine jewelry and clothing, while thieves skulk about in the shadows behind them. In the middle of the street a bloody brawl, complete with swords, has broken out between two shady-looking characters. Two scowling town guards watch the fight, their arms crossed as they patiently wait to haul away the victor. There appears to be something written on it. A detailed oil painting reads: "The Reign of Prince Sirolarn" 856,900   No
vibrant oil painting of a large ship sailing on sunset-stained waves - Its many sails unfurled and the figure of a captain on the bow, the ship battles against the raging sea. The image of Katamba eclipsed by Yavash adds to the light coloring the water, the tall waves taking the color of the setting sun in addition to the moons. A lone star shines in the center of the painting, the ship sailing toward it against the waves. There appears to be something written on it. A detailed oil painting reads: "Braving the Ocean of Fire" 811,800   No
dark oil painting of an Elven woman holding the body of a child - Dark rain pours down in the painting, soaking the hair of both the woman and the child. The woman clutches the child close to her chest, harsh tears streaming down her face to mingle with the rain. Vacant-eyed, the child hangs limp, her mouth slightly open. A slight splash of red running down the child's arm is the only color visible. Somber lettering runs along the bottom edge of the ebony frame. There appears to be something written on it.A dark oil painting reads: "Regret for one's actions can be tempered with time. However, regret for inaction is inconsolable." 703,560   No
large oil painting depicting a masterful interpretation of the god Damaris - A dark-haired Human is seated in the center of the piece. He holds a slim black dagger in his left hand, and a thin band of gold runs around the hemming of his otherwise black leathers. At his feet rests a large panther, its jade eyes standing out sharply. A shrike and a nightingale sit in a nearby tree branch, each eyeing the other warily. The entire piece seems shrouded in shadows, and the human has his hand stretched outward, as if beckoning the viewer to join him. There appears to be something written on it. A large oil painting reads: "Lord of Shadow" 992,200   No

Display Room

[Eternal Moments, Display Room]
Set up like a small studio, part of the hallway is cordoned off and smells somewhat of oil paints. Though no works in progress are there now, an empty easel stands nearby, several splashes of bright color marring the otherwise luxurious carpeting. Displays on the walls show finished works of art, which are very well lit by lanterns on the walls.
Obvious exits: east.

On the white walls
Item Price Done
dusky oil painting depicting a small faerie with shredded wings - A sad and lonely look on her face, the tiny creature rests alongside a dusty road. Her garb is torn into little more than faded rags, although it appears to have once been a very fine gossamer gown. Both her legs are more muscular than her thin frame would suggest, and calluses have formed on her bare feet, caused by long walking due to her pitiful lack of flight. In the background, a leafless tree rises next to a stone wall that cordons off a graveyard, and storm clouds gather in an unfriendly sky. A dusky oil painting reads: "Broken" 676,500   No
detailed oil painting of a crowd dressed in mismatched colors - Gathered as if to attend a formal party, the members of the crowd are dressed in a theme of yellow and jade hues. Ranging from elaborate gowns and robes to makeshift and clashing outfits that were obviously hastily put together, the gathering awaits entrance into a banner-studded keep. One woman stands out from the crowd, decked in bright red, orange and silver colors with only a very small hint of jade and yellow in her costume.A detailed oil painting reads: "Creative Dresser" 541,200   No
dark painting depicting waves of undead assaulting a town - Painted in very dark brown and grey colors over a blank canvas, the scene is somewhat difficult to make out in its entirety at first. Misshapen limbs jut at unnatural angles as the swarm of rotting monstrosities crawl atop one another in a frenzied search for living targets. Peeking out from beneath an overturned apple cart, the partially obscured face of a small Halfling can be seen, his eyes wide with fear. A dark painting reads: "Cockroaches" 451,000   No
elegant oil painting depicting a couple holding a rose between their hands - The pair stands completely alone in a forest glade, gazing soulfully into each other's eyes as they profess their love to each other. Held between them is a Saemaus' Kiss rose, which has a soft glow around it that illuminates the woman's hands. Puffy clouds partially block out the sun far above, creating a ray of sunlight that filters through the leaves overhead, highlighting the couple in subtle golden hues. An elegant oil painting reads: "Skip the Formalities" 902,000   No
long silkscreen painting boldly decorated with red and black streaks - Subtle lines of gold streak through the vibrant hues, which are painted on a deep grey background. Varying shades of crimson and scarlet along with jagging lines of white create a subtle yet elegant work of art. The piece appears to have been put together to evoke raw emotion instead of depict anything, although there is a vague shape in the center that somewhat resembles a sun setting against rose-colored water. A long silkscreen painting reads: "Hearts" 721,600   No
exquisite oil painting depicting a crowded art gallery - Bustling with people, the hall is filled with connoisseurs of fine art, nobles, pretenders and gawkers alike. In the foreground of the painting, a wealthy-looking Kaldaran trader with a square-jawed face and black hair lies face down on the floor, a dagger buried in his back. His stormy grey eyes are blank, and a spilled pouch of gems rolls from his hand. A cloaked figure stands above him in an arrogant posture as a throng of city guards arrive to arrest the murderer. An exquisite oil painting reads: "Vengeance" 992,200   No
vividly colored painting depicting swirls of gold against white and green - Although the painting is created in a rather abstract design, the shapes are distinct enough to pick out a figure standing atop the edge of a cliff. With both arms outstretched to either side, the figure stands poised to dive, far above a vast ocean that drops off in the distance. Rays of golden sunlight play both off the water and the figure, dappling against large flat-bottomed clouds in the distance. A vivdly colored painting reads: "Throw Away the World" 676,500   No
On the off-white walls
Item Price Done
elegant watercolor painting of a sleepwalking Elven girl in the woods - Barefoot and dressed in a long, flowing white robe, the young woman wanders forward with her eyes closed and her hands stretched out in front of her, and a cottage is down the path far behind her. Though the forest is green and full of color, a second look paints a more sinister picture. Rows of hungry ravens peer out from the branches of crooked and dryad-haunted trees, and the subtle outlines of death spirits lurking within the forest mist seem eager to lure the unfortunate Elf a certain death. An elegant watercolor painting reads: "The Danger of Dreams" 766,700   No
large oil painting of a regally dressed woman at a castle window - Dressed from head to toe in glittering gems and standing next to a table with fine wine in golden cups, the woman gazes out the large arched window. She looks out wistfully toward a small cottage on a distant farm, a look of enduring sadness and longing on her face. Scattered about the rooms are soft charcoal drawings of the same cottage, and more pieces of paper lie crumpled near the table. A large oil painting reads: "The Weight of Nostalgia" 676,500   No
vivid oil painting depicting a silver knight raising a tattered banner - Dressed in polished armor stained red in places with blood and dented all over, the knight raises the flag above his head, the pole covered with a myriad of scratch marks. All around him is a scene of a fierce battle, with undead skeletons surrounding him and the hordes closing in, led by a zombie that has eyes gleaming with unnatural intelligence. The knight's mouth is open as if in mid-shout as he brandishes the banner like a weapon, using its pointed end as his last line of defense. A vivid oil painting reads: "Honor in Desperation" 811,800   No
wide oil painting depicting a couple embracing in a forest - The scene almost seems dual-natured, with half of the painting colored as if in sunlight, while the other is shrouded in a myriad of dark shadows. Standing in the center of the forest glade is the couple, halfway between light and dark. The woman is dressed in dark colors, with midnight-black hair and pale skin, while the man is dressed in bright golden colors with ash-blonde hair. Closer inspection reveals both have tears streaming down their cheeks, holding each other as if it were their last goodbye. A wide oil painting reads: "Impossible Love" 721,600   No
three-pane oil painting depicting two women in domestic scenes - The first panels depict two women, one high born and the other a servant. The maid, decidedly more plain than the noble, attends to her mistress's hair, a burning look of jealousy on her face. In the second panel the noblewoman is being served tea by her maid. In the background the tea service sits, nearly obscuring a tiny vial. The final panel is of the servant girl dressed in finery, the multihued skirts of her gown falling upon the hands of a young nobleman who kneels with engagement ring in hand. A three-pane oil painting reads: "True Colors" 676,500   No
detailed oil painting depicting an embracing couple - Standing in the center of a long, winding road, the two lovers hold each other in a long hug. Blurs of color in the vague shapes of caravans and travelers are streaked along the road around them, making it appear that the world is passing by quickly while time stands still for the two of them. In the distance is what appears to be a graveyard, and closer inspection shows that one of the two looks somewhat translucent, though they're positioned so that it's difficult to tell which one. A detailed oil painting reads: "Last Goodbye" 766,700   No
abstract painting of dark shapes nearly obscured by a heavy blue mist - The nearly indistinguishable figures appear as nightmarish lurking shadows, with each one horribly misshapen. Extra limbs jut out at unnatural angles, their obfuscation suggesting them as a promise of true horror awaiting fulfillment. The vague outline of a glass tower fills the background, its surface filled with a myriad of spidery cracks. An abstract painting reads: "The Cost of Vision" 811,800   No


[Eternal Moments, Showroom]
Clean off-white walls are hung with large framed paintings, showcased in this well-lit room. A neatly arranged set of bins in the center of the room displays a set of slightly smaller images. Off to one side, a polished oak table has been neatly arranged with smaller items, lit from above by a muted gaethzen phoenix suspended from a long silver chain.
Obvious exits: west.

  • note: magic is allowed in this room.
In the wooden bin
Item Price Done
detailed watercolor portrait of a long-haired Elven woman - Seated in front of an arched glass window, the fair-skinned Elf is dressed in a simple yet elegant long gown of blue velvet, her hands folded neatly in her lap and a soft smile on her face. Streams of light come in through the window, illuminating her golden hair from behind. On her head is a small circlet, set with small kyanite stones. A simple border of twin silver lines frames the portrait neatly. There appears to be something written on it. A watercolor portrait reads: "Beauty in Simplicity" 162,360   No
whimsical ink drawing of a merry-looking Halfling woman - With an apron full of apples and a taffelberry tart in one hand, the barefoot little Halfling merrily skips along a grassy hill. A slight breeze stirs her strawberry blonde hair, which is loosely set underneath a woolen cap. Her freckled face has a lovely smile, and her bright eyes are full of joy. There appears to be something written on it. A whimsical ink drawing reads: "A visit to Arthe Dale" 108,240   No
soft watercolor portrait of a twirling Prydaen dancer - Dressed in a flowing Pr'sarrak of crimson marblesilk, the Prydaen is in mid-leap, with one leg bent and the other straight behind her. Both her arms and her face are raised toward the sky, her long mane streaming out behind her. She dances on a wooden dance floor beneath a blooming cherry tree, the petals scattering around her like snow. There appears to be something written on it. A soft watercolor portrait reads: "Caught in the Song" 180,400   No
small wax painting of a wide-eyed mouse - The little grey mouse is standing on its hind legs, its large black eyes gazing up innocently. A chunk is missing out of one corner of the large cheese wheel, and the mouse's cheek is bulging slightly, as if its stolen prize was just stuffed away in haste. Nearby, a mousetrap has been strategically set, unsprung and ignored. There appears to be something written on it. A small wax painting reads: "Innocent until Proven Guilty" 90,200   No
small watercolor painting of a graceful swan - Soft ripple tones of a light blue form gentle waves, the swan resting upon them. The tip of the swan's beak nearly touches the waves of the water, while green lily pads and small water reeds float about it. Reflected in the water is the swan's mirror image, softly distorted by the ripples. There appears to be something written on it. A small watercolor painting reads: "Tranquility" 108,240   No
detailed charcoal sketch of a lone hunter battling a myriad of creeping vines - Clad in intricately detailed chainmail, the black-haired Human has a determined look on his face, as if he was battling fear as well as the wild plants. Twining creepers have coiled around both of the hunter's legs, threatening to trip him, and a third vine has half wrapped around his sword. Nearby in the bushes, the outline of an Elf can be seen, holding both hands out and casting something, though it's hard to tell if the figure is attempting to destroy the vines or is directing them. There appears to be something written on it. A detailed charcoal sketch reads: "Malice of the Forest" 162,360   No
dark-toned painting of a young Gnome girl sitting next to a moonlit river - Skeletal branches reach from the tree the girl sits under, with fingerlike twigs reaching out and clutching at Yavash, which is half obscured by heavy clouds. The dark red light shines down on the still river waters, which are next to high forest cliffs. Despite the eerie setting, the Gnomish girl seems completely at ease, her short hair wet and her clothes ruffled as if she just went for a dip in the water. There appears to be something written on it. A dark-toned painting reads: "A Midnight Swim" 72,160   No
On the off-white walls
Item Price Done
small watercolor painting of a bright yellow duck - (get water painting on wall) Set in a forest-shaded pool of browns and greens, the duck floats on the surface of the water, not quite old enough to have lost its fuzzy yellow feather coating. At the edge of the painting the webbed foot of the mother duck can be seen through the water's surface, leading her young. Grey and blue undertones give the water a realistic feeling, the bottom of the pool distorted and rippled. There appears to be something written on it. A small watercolor painting reads: "Following the Leader" 108,240   No
small black and white painting of a monstrous looking creature - A set of glowing square-shaped eyes, spaced close together, stares out from the center of the room. Leathern wings and razor sharp claws frame a macabre body, twisted and distorted, with horns atop it. At the bottom of the painting is a small bed with a sleeping child in it, the creature's body doubling as various pieces of very ordinary furniture in a darkly shadowed room. Eyes turn out to be windows, wings are formed from curtains, and the massive body is merely a desk topped with silver candlesticks. There appears to be something written on it. A small painting reads: "When Mortals Dream, the Creatures of Nightmare are Born." 72,160   No
sharply colored double portrait of a male Rakash with dark blue eyes - Two faces have been painted facing away from each other, backdropped by an image of the full moon Katamba. A fair-skinned Rakash man with wildly teased golden hair stands opposite a wolflike head, sharply pointed ears and white fur fading into tan. At the back, the color of the tawny fur blends perfectly into the golden hair, though blurred in the center to make them more distinctive. The intense blue eyes of both the wolf and the man match exactly, both of them gazing downward in deep thought. There appears to be something written on it. A soft watercolor portrait reads: "Two Faces, One Soul" 180,400   !!
an intricately detailed portrait of a dark-haired fire wizard - Atop the rim of an angry volcano, the lone figure stands above a river of lava spilling in, billows of ash seeping into the air from the crater behind him. Tall of stature and with piercing eyes, the fire mage appears to be at the height of his power, his shoulder-length hair tangled lightly and his dark goatee twisted in a spiral. His hand is outstretched forward and a faint glow can be seen in his palm, although it's unclear whether he's beckoning or preparing to strike. There appears to be something written on it. An intricately detailed portrait reads: "Mibgluc, the Mad Fire Wizard" 198,440   No
detailed watercolor portrait of a flame-haired Elothean gazing skyward - Standing atop a castle wall, the young-looking girl stands gazing skyward, her crimson and flame-gold dress billowing out behind her. Both of the girl's hands clutch a thin wooden quarterstaff tipped with a large pink uncut sapphire, and she gazes up at a crescent Yavash. The sun has just set, turning the sky to the same shades as the woman's clothing, the first of the stars beginning to come out. There appears to be something written on it. A detailed watercolor portrait reads: "The Seeker" 180,400   No
brightly colored portrait of the face of a S'Kra Mur woman in surreal tones - Though the inked lines defining the face are carefully detailed, the face is a wash of predominantly blue and green, while the background is a stark red. Running together in places, a few watercolor lines resembling tears streak the entire work. Dark brown-toned eyes are the focal point of the portrait, staring straight forward but appearing completely unfocused. Her clawed hands are cupped forward and hold a bowl of incense in front of long snout, whorls of smoke curling upward from the bowl's center. There appears to be something written on it. A brightly colored portrait reads: "The Scent of Memory" 162,360   No
gritty charcoal drawing of a stout Dwarf battling a hoard of S'Lai screamers - Standing alone against the onslaught, the lone Dwarf raises twin axes, a growing pile of defeated corpses in front of him. Dozens of the lizard-like, bat-winged creature are still in front of him, and though wounded, he has a determined look on his face. Although the scene is done entirely in black and white with shades of grey, it is extremely detailed, down to the individual stones in the cavern walls. There appears to be something written on it. A gritty charcoal drawing reads: "Defending the Homeland" 144,320   No

On the oak table
Item Price Done
miniature statue of an Elven Warrior Mage seated on a white horse 81,180   No
open diorama of a Kaldar Barbarian battling an Adan'f Shadow Mage 180,400   No
miniature statue of a willowy dryad 81,180   No
intricate ivory sculpture of a trio of dolphins leaping upward 135,300   No
intricate driftwood sculpture of a sapphire-eyed wolf 90,200   No
crouching panther intricately carved from raw ebony 180,400   !!