NightMares (4)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tack shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Matte black paint appears to be a thin veil over the rusty metal walls with silver stars sketched on the ceiling. Wood planks form the vague structure of stables along the walls, each with hooks to hold bridles and halters. At one end, a bale of hay resides next to a saddle rack and a blanket stand.
You also see an exit door and a sturdy table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the treat box
Item Price Done
small sphere of sugar 13   
large red apple 13   
purple carrot 13   
On the saddle rack
Item Price Done
soft brown suede saddle trimmed with wild horse jaspers 72,160   
green scaled leather saddle tooled with winged dragons 27,060   
dark leather saddle embedded with fangs along the edge 27,060   
battered rawhide saddle scarred with claw marks 22,550   
battered leather saddle splattered with bloodstains 22,550   
buffed leather saddle embossed with wilting orchids 27,060   
black leather saddle with skull-shaped beads dangling from the sides 27,060   
white leather saddle enhanced by leathery wings folded on each side 27,060   
dark grey suede saddle tooled with black unicorns 270,600   
On the sturdy table
Item Price Done
onyx unicorn pendant with bloodmist garnet eyes 90,200   
shredded white leather wings 9,020   
dark leather wristcuff worked to resemble a miniature saddle 1,353   
padded grooming satchel 2,255   !!
quilted saddle carrier 2,255   !!
wilted velvet orchid 902   
dark feed pouch with a skeletal hand clasp 1,804   !!
battered leather armband spotted with bloodstains 451   
soft brown feed pouch set with a wild horse jasper clasp 90,200   !!
black gold signet ring set with a cabochon wild horse jasper 153,340   
battered feed pouch 721   
On the hook
Item Price Done
rich brown leather bridle set with a line of wild horse jaspers 135,300   
midnight-blue leather halter with a perfect nightfire opal on the browband 198,440   
onyx-hide bridle edged with tiny bloodmist garnets 270,600   
black leather bridle edged with bone beads 1,443   
buffed leather halter set with a wilting velvet orchid 992   
white leather bridle set with a horn on the browband 1,443   
battered leather halter spotted with bloodstains 811   
On the crooked stand
Item Price Done
sanguine caparison edged with a ribbon of dragonfire brocade 631,400   
felted saddle pad edged with bone beads 1,082   
white felt blanket edged with embroidered black unicorns 1,623   
black felt blanket edged with grinning skulls 1,623   
soft quilted saddle pad embroidered with a single wilted orchid 1,082   
black caparison edged with dark steel studs 2,255