Natural Beauty (3)

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Natural Beauty
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Natural Beauty, Sales Floor]
Thick tapestries depicting a dense, wild forest surrounding a picturesque glade cover the walls, each blending seamlessly into the next. Furthering the outdoorsy feel, the ceiling here has been painted to resemble a cloudless summer sky at noon complete with a gaethzen sun positioned directly in the center. Several fanciful tables dot the room, every one cleverly incorporating life-like sculptures of various fae creatures into their designs. A fresh floral scent permeates the space, radiating outward from the many potted plants positioned between the wares.
You also see a white alerce arch and a heavy door blocking the way west.
Obvious exits: none.

On the osage table
Item Price Done
dainty purse of leaf green gossamer atop pallid silk 10,824   !!
dainty purse of violet gossamer atop blackened silk 10,824   !!
dark blue reticule dangling from an artful cascade of platinum and uncut svelae 586,300   !!
rose-colored reticule encased within a fragile-looking web of spun glitter threads 45,100   !!
black evening bag bejeweled with prismatic crystalline beadwork 27,060   !!
golden evening bag held by opulent ermine-lined straps 135,300   !!
On the acacia table
Item Price Done
closed-toed sandals decorated with plumed agate leaves 18,040   !!
thin-strapped sandals held by swirling charoite buckles 180,400   !!
sandals with spiraling decorative straps beaded in Reshalian tourmaline 451,000   !!
pair of cream-hued slippers with low arkose sandstone heels 9,020   !!
pair of bronze silk slippers with sleek blackthorne heels 9,020   !!
pair of dainty slippers with carved glitvire heels 36,080   !!
pale melon jacquard wrap woven with curling ivy 30,668   !!
celestial blue eolienne wrap capped at each end with wide bands of cream silk 360,800   !!
narrow silk scarf dyed bright cerise with a pattern of snowy anemones 4,510   !!
orchid purple scarf of heavily embroidered pebbled silk crepe 3,608   !!
tangerine voile shawl beaded with pale blue svelae 270,600   !!
freesia yellow shawl of openworked lace edged in gemfire velvet 270,600   !!
On the goldenoak tables
Item Price Done
layered marblesilk skirt embellished with night diamonds 270,600   !!
vibrant charmeuse skirt dyed to resemble the luscious hues of a ripe mango 451,000   !!
lilac-tinged silveress skirt swept with gloamstone beads along the flaring hem 1,353,000   !!
elaborate full skirt awash with impressionistic rainforest hues 90,200   !!
tiered skirt of oceanic blue cire and seafoam marquisette 811,800   !!
volcanic red skirt adorned with wending tendrils of bejeweled obsidian jaspe 586,300   !!
voluminous frost white skirt adorned with faesoul blossoms rendered in silk 676,500   
brilliantly hued skirt of alternating camlet and watersilk panels 270,600   !!
cloud grey gemfire velvet skirt with a stylized burnout design 1,262,800   !!
"The skirts on these tables are especially fine for dancing! ~ Cereia"
  • Picked from the plant in this room are: