Chizelli's Charms (4)

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Chizelli's Charms
Event Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421
Owner Chizelli
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Chizelli's Charms, Showroom]
This shop's metal walls are gaily painted with vines and flowers, while luxuriously woven carpets cushion the polished wood floor. Finely crafted built-in cabinets line the walls, their sliding wood doors thrown open to display racks of velvet-lined cases filled with charms of every description. A cat perches atop one of the cabinets, its slitted green eyes gazing intently at a set of delicate crystal chimes suspended from the ceiling.
You also see a polished rosewood counter with a jewelry box on it, a gilded sign resting on a nearby easel and an arched wooden door.
Obvious exits: north.

A gilded sign resting on a nearby easel reads:

 =================== :|: ====================
  I sell small charms designed to be affixed
    to the charm bracelets and necklaces.
        You can add up to 10 on each.
   The charms cannot be worn by themselves.
       I hope you find some you enjoy!
      Be careful with your purchases as
     absolutely NO Refunds will be given.
 =================== :|: ====================

In the jewelry box (which is on a polished rosewood counter)
Item Price Done
heavy black gold charm necklace 144,320   
rose gold serpentine charm necklace 121,770   
braided tri-gold charm necklace 96,108   
elegant white gold cobra-link charm necklace 55,924   
golden byzantine charm necklace 10,824   
delicate golden filigree charm bracelet 7,216   
silver serpentine charm bracelet 2,706   
hammered brass charm bracelet 1,804   
jeweled platinum charm bracelet 76,670   
twisted pewter charm bracelet 902   
In the velvet-lined mahogany case (which is on a built-in cabinet)
Item Price Done
Elven silver dagger charm 2,255   
sterling halberd charm 1,894   
golden axe charm 1,804   
platinum scimitar charm 5,412   
flamewood longbow charm 1,804   
ironwood crossbow charm 1,623   
silver bastard sword charm 1,894   
blackened steel sledgehammer charm 2,255   
gleaming greatsword charm 1,804   
pewter flail charm 1,623   
In the velvet-lined gilded case (which is on a built-in cabinet)
Item Price Done
black gold clenched gauntlet charm 9,020   
autumn jasper mountain lion charm 2,706   
flame opal crossed swords charm 4,961   
golden lockpick charm 1,804   
amethyst caravan charm 1,443   
topaz shield charm 1,804   
sapphire opened hand charm 1,804   
golden lute charm 1,804   
bronze chalice charm 1,804   
ruby Yavash charm 2,706   
In the velvet-lined rosewood case (which is on a built-in cabinet)
Item Price Done
lavender shalyria blossom charm 2,706   
white Damaris' Dream rose charm 4,510   
pink fairy slipper orchid charm 2,706   
Trigomas blood rose charm 4,510   
alabaster Zoluren forest iris charm 4,510   
purple lotus blossom charm 2,706   
carved coral rose charm 1,804   
champagne-hued Lion's Mane iris charm 4,510   
ghostly white star jasmine charm 1,804   
iridescent Romantic Ballad peony charm 4,510   
In the velvet-lined heartwood case (which is on a built-in cabinet)
Item Price Done
ironwood ondjai charm 902   
oravir cottage charm 1,082   
electrum chateau charm 1,804   
platinum vine-covered knoll charm 5,863   
polished mistwood house-shaped charm 902   
etched marble manor charm 1,353   
carved goldenwood tree house charm 902   
ivory scrimshaw cabin charm 1,353   

[Chizelli's Charms, Backroom]
Magnificent goldenoaks stand in each corner of the small room, their gnarled branches carefully spidering amid the metal pipes overhead. Reclining lazily along one limb is a fluffy white cat that eyes the many patrons that wander in and out of the area, its blue-ringed tail flicking peevishly, as though they're impeding its regularly scheduled nap. A trio of counters stands along the colorfully painted walls, each of them displaying velvet-lined trays nestling a wide variety of glistening charms.
Obvious exits: south.

In the velvet-lined mistwood case (which is on a blue-stained counter)
Item Price Done
platinum spellbook charm 6,314   
gethwood wand charm 902   
gnarled witchclaw staff charm 1,172   
wizard's hat charm 1,082   
pewter scroll charm 902   
polished copper runestone charm 902   
crystalline moonblade charm 992   
blackened unicorn's horn charm 902   
moonstone shadowling charm 1,262   
gilded alfar warrior charm 1,082   
In the velvet-lined ironwood case (which is on a blue-stained counter)
Item Price Done
painted porcelain ocarina charm 902   
teakwood warhorn charm 992   
ebonwood tambourine charm 902   
platinum-stringed harp charm 6,314   
brightly painted drum charm 902   
iridescent opal mandolin charm 1,082   
golden-keyed mistwood oboe charm 1,353   
bamboo minjayrah charm 1,172   
flamewood tapani charm 992   
tooth-shaped nguru charm 902   
In the velvet-lined burlwood case (which is on a green-stained counter)
Item Price Done
amber turkey leg charm 1,082   
crystal frothy mug charm 902   
gleaming silver deed charm 992   
copper pickaxe charm 992   
pewter noose charm 902   
platinum horse charm 6,314   
porcelain doll charm 2,255   
ruby heart charm enwreathed in flames 4,961   
gilded treasure map charm 1,353   
brass coffer charm 2,706   
In the velvet-lined redwood case (which is on a green-stained counter)
Item Price Done
porcelain mask charm 902   
polished bronze skull charm 1,443   
gleaming brass turban charm 1,623   
blackened steel tower charm 992   
onyx wyvern charm 1,353   
golden claw charm 1,082   
crystal wings charm 16,23   
jeweled key charm 1,353   
tied gem pouch charm 902   
double-masted ship charm 902   
In the velvet-lined haralun case (which is on a purple-stained counter)
Item Price Done
pewter tower shield charm 2,706   
mistglass gauntlets charm 10,824   
golden sabatons charm 5,412   
tooled leather armor charm 902   
gleaming plate armor charm 4,510   
black gold breastplate charm 7,216   
sterling chain hauberk charm 1,804   
burnished brass buckler charm 3,608   
In the velvet-lined smokewood case (which is on a purple-stained counter)
Item Price Done
garnet bear charm 1,082   
jasper dog charm 1,172   
fire opal leopard charm 11,726   
gloomwood owl charm 12,628   
fur-covered lynx charm 1,353   
gethwood gerbil charm 902   
howlite wolf charm 1,082   
black onyx raven charm 1,804   
golden lizard charm 1,353   
amber raccoon charm 902