By the Book

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By the Book
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Container shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[By the Book, Sales Floor]
The scent of a well-stocked library fills the area, with wood paneling painted to resemble full bookcases lining the walls. Overhead, lanterns are interspersed among open books, hung to appear as if they are flying. A large area rug covers the floor, embellished with unreadable script.
You also see a jewelry stand with several things on it, a long shelf with several things on it, a hook with a couple of things on it, a blue velvet curtain, a green table with several things on it, a blue box with several things on it and an exit door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
brushed steel book locket embossed with crossed swords 4,510   
silver book locket set with a heartstone 13,530   
white gold prayer book locket embossed with clasped hands 54,120   
rose gold songbook locket embossed with a singing wren 45,100   
icesteel spellbook locket set with a cabochon fire agate 225,500   
gloomwood tome locket carved with a crude skull 4,510   
animite ledger locket set with a faceted black diamond 858,110   
blue gold diary locket set with an ebony star sapphire 541,200   
On the long shelf
Item Price Done
plush black book painted with a crude skull 9,020   
plush red-checked book appliqued with a mixing bowl 9,020   
plush blue book embroidered with a hot air balloon floating by the moons 9,020   
plush green book with an applique dragon 9,020   
plush pink book covered with glittery hearts 9,020   
plush brown book embroidered with a golden question mark 9,020   
plush white book embroidered with clasped hands 9,020   
plush grey book inked with numbers 9,020   
plush tattered book with a vague outline of a brain 9,020   
On the hook
Item Price Done
soft book bag with a blue mistglass clasp 11,275   
canvas book bag edged with leather piping 2,255   
On the green table
Item Price Done
green leather-bound book inlaid with copper foil leaves 9,020   
ragged deep blue journal with uneven yellowed pages 4,510   
elegant black journal embossed with silver stars 18,040   
slender dark tome set with an ivory skull 13,530   
soft ivory book embossed with a scale pattern 18,040   
blood red book with a plush velvet cover 18,040   
A green note reads:
"Best Kept Secrets"
On the blue box
Item Price Done
slim black pouch fashioned from a tome painted with odd silver symbols 6,765   
slender brown pouch fashioned from a battered leather book 5,412   
slim red pouch fashioned from a scuffed folio 4,780   
slender green pouch crafted from a faded cloth-covered book 4,961   
slim blue pouch fashioned from a worn diary 4,690   
A blue page reads:
"Table of Contents"

[By the Book, Sitting Room]
Warm lantern light flickers softly in this small corner, giving the grain of the wood-paneled walls an almost golden hue. A polished oak table stands in one corner, flanked by an overstuffed leather armchair and a deep blue sofa, while a small round rug covers most of the metal floor.
You also see a blue velvet curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
silvery kettle of chamomile tea 0   
tray of chocolate book-shaped cookies 0